Iinterpretasyon ng Panaginip

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Gus2 ko lang ishare ung panaginip ko.Nangyari 'to mga 2 yrs ago cguro. Sa panaginip ko parang I had an accident tapos pataas ako ng pataas tapos nakita ko ung sarili ko was lying on the ground na parang sobrang nasaktan pero wala naman akong naramdaman at n hindi ako nasaktan. Habang nakikita ko ang sarili ko na nakahiga sa lupa, ako naman pataas ng pataas. Cguro soul na lang ako. Hanggan d ko na nakikita ang earth, sobrang taas na talaga. Tapos may nakita akong mahabang pila. Ang daming tao at lahat kami nakasimple gown na puti. Nakita ko ron ang mother(she died 3 yrs ago) ko. I was so surprised kc alam ko sobrang miss na miss ko sya pero don parang nawala ung feeling. Parang nawala ung relationship namin. Parang feeling lang na "ah she was my mother nong nabubuhay pa ko sa mundo". Parang ganon lang. Alam mo un parang gumawa lang kami ng movie at sya ung mother ko, parang ganon. Anyway may nagchecheck kung ung name mo nasa book of life. Yun pala ung pila. Pero bago ung turn mo meron na parang big screen na wala naman frame, parang transparent tapos pinapakita don ung life mo sa earth. Parang screening ganon. Pero meron akong npansin walang feeling na being impatient kahit mahaba ung pila. Wlang ganon. D tulad ng magwiwithdraw ka lang sa ATM parang ang hirap maghintay or bibili ka ng gamot sa pharmacy. Pero merong feeling ng fear, fear lang. Fear kung anong makikita mo sa screen. Fear kung anong nagawa mo sa mundo. Pero sobrang ganda ng feeling don except ung fear, content, kalma at lahat magaan lang. Right b4 my turn , nagising ako :) . Ano sa palagay mo ang interpretasyon mo sa panaginip ko.


Meron pa kong isa pero bukas na lang cguro :)


hi all i is american but b blessed in ur forum here i love u all allways


U are one of the candidates to sit next on the throne of GOD..so run keep your faith and finished the race until GOD will meet you in the FINISH line and HE WILL give u the rewards u made while u were here in the earth..:D im not interpreting ur dreams..im just saying what God possible do to us when HE WILL TAKE US up on HIM..


New member
Oct 23, 2021
Do you want to understand your dream? You need learn first the prophetic understanding of the Scriptures. Let me know if you're interested... Blessings 🙌


Senior Member
Jul 3, 2015
Do you want to understand your dream? You need learn first the prophetic
understanding of the Scriptures. Let me know if you're interested... Blessings 🙌
This thread is nine years old, and the OP has not been on site since January 13, 2016, so it is unlikely you will receive a response...


New member
Jan 16, 2023
Tingin ko lang someone is just reminding you about GOD. They are saying that you are possible to experience very hard decision that will test your faith.