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Jan 28, 2018
My brother of only 41 took his last breathe Infront of me on Sunday of last week. He died of a rare cancer within a year of diagnosis. Me and him prayed so hard and put our faith in the lord and his favorite saint and they failed us. Plz tell me where God lives so I can go to his house and confront him. I have been very sick myself for a long time and never complained once about it to the Lord. Why has he taken the one thing I loved the most. My brother wanted to live so bad and fought so hard. I am not perfect but try to do the right thing. I do not want to die but death no longer scares me. The Lord has taken everything from me. I told my brother don’t worry I’m coming to him soon.
Feb 5, 2017
Hi Dino, sorry for your loss, I can't imagine what you must be going through. Faith must be an acceptance; everything is in God's hands and you accept that, and you accept that everything that happens has purpose. There is a greater purpose out of this for you, there have been many changes, although you did not wish for it to be this way. While you might be feeling great anger or hurt, try to remember and appreciate all the good things and the good times you had together, as painful as that might be. Make something good from it, in your brothers spirit, make him proud. He would not want to see you losing your faith, if anything it was one of the most precious memories of you, the love and the support you gave and shared together. How hard would it have been for him without that? There is God's beauty in all things, if we do not lose sight, so do not lose sight brother. Pray as long and hard as it takes to overcome this anguish, God will hear you, because God is with you always.


Junior Member
May 19, 2017
I am sorry for your loss. This is the hardest moment for you to lose someone you love dearly. Oftentimes, we don't know why things happen that way or at that time. But we know that God is the Creator of us. He gives and He takes away. I pray for you that in this moment of doubt or pain, may God reveals Himself to you. I can testify to you that God is real and has the greatest purpose for everything, includes the pain. Experiencing doubt myself and finally got the answer, I would encourage you not to stop in doubt. But continue to search the answer from the SOURCE HIMSELF, in the Truth. God always intends to bring goodness directly or through a process. God gives you a chance to live a good life as He intends you to live. He loves you. He loves your brother too. He does not want your brother to be in pain too long. He is free from pain now. There is a reason to rejoice. Would you think that your brother will be happy to see that you have a good life to cherish the life together in memory? It is ok to cry out to God and pour out your heart. Come to Him, His is waiting for you.