Marcelo sends regards to his Filipino brothers and sisters

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May 3, 2020
Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel. I am Marcelo's son. I joined the forum in order to inform you guys that he is currently in the hospital and that's why he hasn't been posting recently. He has a benign tumor in his pituitary gland. It's not life threatening, thankfully, but he might have to go through surgery. He misses his Filipino brothers and sisters especially since you are all so warm and kind, and he sends his best regards! Of course, prayers on his behalf would be very much appreciated.

Thank you and God bless!



Well-known member
Jun 17, 2018
Greetings Daniel.

Thanks for the info on Marcelo. I'll be praying for him, and you and the family.

Thank God its not life threatening as you've stated, so hopefully the matter will be resolved soon.
Stay strong and God bless.