Pray for New Church Plant

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Well-known member
Jul 7, 2022
Almost Heaven West Virginia
Please pray for a new Baptist Church that will eventually be planted in the beloved Philippines. A pastor has ordained and worked with an amazing group of men who have proven themselves faithful, true, and steadfast from Steadfast Baptist Church in Texas. This will be tough for the sending church there, but it is God's way to multiply by establishing gospel preaching churches all over the world. May many thousands of precious souls come to know Christ through this church that will be planted. There is one affiliated in Manilla right now, pastored by Matthew Stucky, who will be assisting at first. Please pray for direction of where it is most needed and provisions for it to be established. Here is a video about these men who are being sent out to the works in USA and the Philippines.

If any of you live in the Philippines and need a church home, I can recommend Matthew Stucky's church right now. I am happy to provide a links for samples of the sermons.
Verity Baptist Church Manilla

Many blessings to you!


Senior Member
Apr 16, 2015
Good Brother Mathew, first as you well know words matter greatly!! With the Lord there is no try! DO or do not!!(James 1:22) Next, as you can see as well as most believers the time to be strong preaching to stay in God's Word daily!! The mindset of the minister MUST be translated to the sheep, for it is the mind that leads the body, not the other way around.

A strong mind leads to a fulfilling result! We cannot be moved by circumstances. We are moved by the very truth of what Jesus taught us!!(Romans 12:1-21!) and Romans 13:12-14!!) Good brother teaching to be strong in one's mindset is so very important, and they will need to be trained even as Jesus trained his disciples.

IF!!! the Minister is willing to perform this hard task then the Church so grow greatly!! And Jesus shall move in your Church as well! For he loves his people to be and stay faithful!! This Word comes from the Lord Jesus in me for you to judge and test! May every blessing always find you, and your church, and may you all stay Faithful to the truth of God's Word! Your servant in Christ Jesus mark