Pasta survey

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Senior Member
Dec 8, 2014
Well...Call this instant gratification but I just made pasta for perhaps the second or third time. I recall making it at least once before because who wouldn't at least try that if they like pasta?

The first time my noodles got waterlogged and just tasted like pasta-ish cylinders full of water about 8 years ago.

Fast forward to today. I read a few websites on how to do dis and even went on Quora to figure out how long to boil it for reading other people's opinions and STILL my pasta ended up barely palatable.

When my mother makes it (usually) it's great. Something I can eat without any sauce and just a little bit of butter and some parmesan and it's tasty but just feels like a lot of empty carbs.

I'll probably petition her to make me some and "data mine" her for how to do it myself but I'd like to hear from you all.

I'm not talking about the dish itself (tomato sauce, alfredo, meat etc.) just the noodles.

I suppose I could try an experiment twice a week noting down what portions I use and that may work but shortcuts are nice ;)

P.S I did salt the water with a few shakes of some himalayan salt. Brought it to a boil and then added the spaghetti and stirred every two minutes and it was probably on the stove for 7-8 mins. Still watery...
Perfect past a is el dente, its not tough and chewy but its not water logged and mushy either' its that perfect balance right in between.

If you have culinary skills you can always make your own sauce.