Have to put it here to share in a pm. I am still learning to insert images in pms. This is for our Magenta.
To inset an image into a PM, you need a url, which of course, posting in Life-Bits does give, the correct code being taken from the second line in the third module to the right of the image and comments: SHARE THIS MEDIA

To insert an image url anywhere on site without first posting it to life bits, it needs to be hosted somewhere. My image host of choice is

This site is great also for resizing images from the net that are too large to start with, or even resizing images you are sourcing from your own computer image files. That option is available from a drop-down above the Choose images button. 640 pixels wide is generally a good size option, unless the original image is smaller than that, in which case, the default Do not resize my image is probably best :)

Of course if you are on a phone, it may be quite different and in that case, the instructions may vary :(

PS~ Thank you Renee! You are as ever very sweet :)
Thank you so much. Very helpful. Can I do it on my phone?
I do not know, as my cell phone is a dinosaur flip phone with no data and no internet. Can you store images on your phone? I would think so... since most phones come with cameras. Can you save images to your phone from the internet?

Can you copy and paste content? Please excuse all my questions. What do you see when you go to
Yes, image tags are always required, but it needs to be hosted somewhere first. Copying from any old website may not work, because, well, that is hotlinking, and using somebody else's image from their site uses up bandwidth which they are paying for.

Resizing images is so easy. Many people post images that are sized four times too large, because they are set up for printing (300 ppi) and not monitor display (72 ppi). That is why they show up huge and take up more than a screen's worth of space to see the whole thing.

Postimages is free and requires no registration :)
No, it is not one of mine :) I found that one when I was looking for the original of the one you first posted to me, wondering why it had become blurred :cry: I know that jpgs are compressed and so when any change is made to them and the file re-saved, degrading of the file occurs through loss of information, which can be seen as pixelization and/or blurring. A file may also blur when it is enlarged beyond the size it was saved as. Please do excuse my critical eye in these matters. It is my professional training as a printer :oops::D:geek:

TIFF files do not lose information when changes are made, which is why TIFFs are superior to jpgs, but having more information, the files are also much larger and not allowed as an image format for posting here, or available on many sites.

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