Woody Guthrie, Hobo's Lullaby, Bound for Glory, Ronald Z

Hobo's Lullaby,written by Goebel Reeves (1961) made popular by Woody Guthrie.
You may not know who Woodie was but he wrote songs like "This land is your Land, this land is my land." "Bound for Glory," and an anti Nazi song named "Tear the fascists down," His son Arlo sang "Riding on the City of New Orleans." (written by Woodie.) and wrote, performed and stared in "Alice's Restaurant." His life was tragic his family not only lost there home and farm but their minds also. He became a hobo during the dust bowl and rode the rails to L.A. where he became a star. He lived the life and died of Huntington's disease at 55 years of age.
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