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    Spiritual discipline advice

    Read Psalm 91 with your heard and your mind before you get started. God bless you!
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    Do you listen to secular, Christian or both forms of music?

    No, I don't listen secular music, Thanks the Lord.
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    Arabic Christian Song, Middle East.

    I searched a lot to find something to make me happy, Tried to find something that could satisfy me, but I went lost in the world, My heart was still empty and thirsty I heard someone calling my name told me to hold his hand I know you, I created you, I felt your pain, I come for...
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    KJV1Peter5;7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

    You say;Nobody loves me, Lord says;I love you(KJVJohn13;34 & John3;16); You say;I can't forgive myself, Lord say;I forgive you (KJVRomans 8;1 & 1John1;7); You say;I am always frustrated and worried...
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    The search for a new avatar

    Its look nice to.