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    Who will populate the earth in the 1000 year Reign

    Love is patience and kind. And seek not its own. It is not so important to win the argument. It is about the type of spirit we display in stressful and time of severe pressure.
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    can somebody help me to know more about Jesus.

    Hello Sionekkah, and welcome to Christian Chat. You certainly are at the right place. And your desire for truth will be satisfied and by God alone. He will teach you. 🤗👋
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    New Member :)

    Hello Diana, welcome to Christian Chat and I hope that the reason for you coming here will be satisfied and by God alone.👋🤗
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    Hello, my name is Preston

    Hello Preston, and welcome to Christian Chat. We are just as delighted to have you among us. 👋
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    New here

    Hello Charlie_1 and welcome to Christian Chat. I sure hope that your reason for coming to join will be satisfied. KJV Psalms 145 15 The eyes of all wait upon thee; and thou givest them their meat in due season. 16 Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing. 17 The...
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    New member ☺️

    Hello Zsofi, and welcome to Christian Chat. I am very happy that you joined us. 👋.... May the Lord Jesus complete the work in you according to His good pleasure. 🙏
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    Hello all

    Hello SasiB and welcome to Christian Chat. Wow, the Holy spirit is still at work on human hearts. That is prayer God always answers. Sis, you are right. Without God we can do nothing. Even I cannot interpret the scripture, the bible interprets itself. Nothing in us are good.
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    Hello brother and sisters

    Hello Crystal, I hope you are well. And that you found good fellowship here God bless you
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    Hi everyone

    9 Hello FollowingtheLamb, we are happy you joined us. And may have good fellowship here. God bless you
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    Hi Persecuted Church , I need input!

    Hello SharkBait32, wonderful work you are doing to educate the youth. And may you continue to serve our loving Father. 👋
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    Who will populate the earth in the 1000 year Reign

    Yes that is what I believe the scripture is saying. Firstly there will be a little time of trouble. When the sunday laws will be passed and God's people will be persecuted and some will lose their lives. It is also time when the church will get less. Many will betray one another. Many will be...
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    Who will populate the earth in the 1000 year Reign

    Only the 144,000 will go through the great tribulation. The time of Jacob's trouble. The test will be severe. Like never was before.
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    It really hurts

    Hi Levi, I also had such experience. But the key is that you should understand that we are but stewards of God. We don't belong to ourselves. When somebody insults us or say something bad about us or too us. They are actually insulting God. Remember the Matthew 25, where Jesus separate the...
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    Hello from Singapore!

    Hello and welcome to Christian Chat. You been serving God so long. Wow, that is awesome to know. I hope every day is sweeter than the day before. God bless
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    Praise the Lord

    Hello and welcome to Christian Chat. May our Lord and Saviour keep guiding you. And may you remain faithful until the end.