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    Hi everyone!

    Hey Emily, welcome to Christian chat :)
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    Hello everyone! :)

    Hi Rhubarbcub, I am happy that you shared your experience and I am sure each one of us had same experience as you. And the one thing about God is that He is long suffering, tender mercy and love. He is waiting with open arms to welcome you back. We dig a big dark hole and climb in it...
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    Welcome DariRM, may you find life long friends here. God bless you
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    Hi! I am a newbie from North Carolina

    Hi TarHeelEmilie, welcome although I am little late. My prayer is that you got counsel as you desired. Matt 7:7 Keep on asking, seeking and searching. God bless
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    Hi Kim82, I agree with you. I do however believe that there is present truth for our day that needs to be preached. Like for example, in the days of Noah. He preached the flood. And our day, it is the second coming of Christ. However there are so many interpretations of Jesus Coming. The...
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    Someone had made an illustration to explain what it means to be 'under the law'. If you are driving 80 km per hour in 60 zone right? Are you under or above the law. It means if you driving above the speed limit prescribed, you are actually under the law. Because you are breaking the law and...
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    Unbiblical Remarriage - In need of guidance.

    My dear sister..... Psalms 23:2-4, God is leading you to the green pastures and beside the still waters. The difficulty is sometimes is blessing but many time we do not see it that way. No person on earth can make us happy. Happiness comes with getting to know God better. And being right with Him.
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    Paper Money and Fiat Currency is the Mark of the Beast

    Many christian focus on the mark of the beast. Have you consider first what is the mark or seal of God. Once you understand the genuine thereafter you can easily distinguish between the genuine and the mark of satan?
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    Comment by '3angelsmsg' in media 'Me on my violin'

    Wow. Awesome play :-)
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    Hello All!

    Welcome StainedbytheSpirit, wow. You are very talented, I cannot play any instrument but I would encourage you to bless others with your talents. And we are safely through another week. To God be the glory. And as encouragement, I will share Psalm 23 with you. KJV Psalms 23 David's...
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    As we see around that in United States, church and states are uniting. And we know the results of when church and state come together. Protestant America has reach over to grasp the hand of the papacy. It has happened that when church and state unites that later the church will dominate the...
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    Another article about sunday observation. And catholic source speaks about the third commandment not the fourth. They are making void the law of God.
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    Here is article from catholic website.
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    The Sunday law is coming.
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    Evening CarolinaBeach50, a warm welcome to you. I hope CC will be everything and more than what you thought of. God bless you