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    KEEP CALM &....

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    Lubuntu mini Dell laptob

    hi I need help getting flash player for my new labtop can anyone help me or has a lubantu computer that will give me ideas on how to get Flash player on my laptop? thanks
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    Abbey Joy thread

    thank you! :)
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    Abbey Joy thread

    Hi guys just want to make a thread about and want to shout out hi to all my friends from my friend list! Lol you can post what ever lol :D
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    Last person to post wins

    <--- how can you resist passing this cute pup
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    how to show God's love?

    Hi guys, just watch a sermon about were to show God's love. And learned that it can be anywhere, my question is how do I tell God's love to someone I work with or someone I know in public without freaking them out.. and how do I tell them and when is it the right time to show someone God's love...
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    for Lady bug :)
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    AbbeyJoy's Woof Thread

    anyone ever wonder what their pups look like cute huh? I so want one :) lol
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    Blains Puppy spam thread

    You stole my dog puppy thread....:mad:... but that's ok :)
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    AbbeyJoy's Woof Thread

    how I feel when someone there's more cat post then dogs...
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    Blains Christian cafe

    here's and iced coffee for you :)
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    AbbeyJoy's Woof Thread

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    AbbeyJoy's Woof Thread

    time for dog pics!! :) Arf :)
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    Last person to post wins

    "Throws a bunch of M&Ms in the mix"
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    love this one :)