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    Riots in Minneapolis

    I was thinking that a knee on the neck has a high potential for permanent spinal injury. There has to be a better way to restrain someone. I watched a young police officer talk a teenager down. The teenager had a revolver pointed at him, but the officer never drew his weapon. I asked him...
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    Florida Now Reporting Covid19 Antibody Test Results.

    Florida's Covid19 website is now reporting antibody test results. Web site URL below.
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    Riots in Minneapolis

    You're in law enforcement. Is knee on a suspect's neck a standard or acceptable practice under any circumstances? I think that the charges will be revised when the investigation is complete. I also believe the officers who stood by will at a minimum be fired.
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    Riots in Minneapolis

    I visited Minneapolis several times in the mid eighties. It was a beautiful city, and I always looked forward to my visits. It is a shame to see the horrible damage done to the city. I hope they prosecute each and every rock thrower, arsonist, and looter to the fullest extent of the law.
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    Does anyone have natural remedies for......

    My exterminator placed a small bait tray in the paths of the ants. Three days later no ants.
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    Riots in Minneapolis

    There is no excuse for riots. There is also no excuse for officer's method of restraint. Any law enforcement people here care to tell us how they are taught to restrain unruly suspects.
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    Does anyone have natural remedies for......

    Anteaters dig the ants our of the wall.
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    Does anyone have natural remedies for......

    It became a case of me or them. I finally called an exterminator. All my pets and children are fine, and my house is ant, roach and mouse free and still standing. Most exterminators today use targeted treatments that are harmless to your household.
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    The lockdowns accomplished absolutely nothing!

    This occurred last week. A husband worked in a prison, and wife worked in a long term care facility. Husband contracted the virus from an inmate. The spouse contracted the virus from her husband. Neither had any symptoms, and were required to work. No one at either facility were tested...
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    Something You are Thankful For

    Today I am especially thankful for the men and women who gave their life so I can live in a country where I am free to be Billy and live my life as God guides me.
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    Georgia man murdered while jogging. Judge declines to press charges

    No, stealing a poor man's newspaper is a capital offense. Calls for at least one load of rock salt.
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    Georgia man murdered while jogging. Judge declines to press charges

    You can do a lot of things around my house, but don't be stealing my newspaper. That's a sure fire way to get shot.
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    In Touch Ministries

    Usually my go to service when I can't go to church.
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    Politics is a joke! Post your favorite political cartoons and jokes (no pun intended :P)

    A family of skunks approached a fork in the path. Papa skunk said "my instincts say we need to go right". Mama skunk replied "I don't know, my instincts say we should go left". One of the little skunks spoke up "my end stinks, and I don't have any idea which way to go".