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    Today, 1st December is my Birthday

    Happy birthday. I pray that God will grant you the strength, the wisdom, and the resources that you will need to continue your ministry and service to Him.
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    Healing for me

    My grandmother had a treatment that works wonders on hemorrhoids. She poured a little Witch Hazel on a wash cloth and applied it to the affected area after each time the she cleaned herself. It provides relief, and can be used as often as you need it. Preparation H has a disposable wipe that...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    We're glad you are together and safe. God bless.
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    Trump Agrees to Transition

    I pray that President Trump will man up and provide the smooth transition that he didn't get. There's just too much at stake for our nation for him to continue beating that poor dead horse.
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    How will your family spend Thanksgiving?

    How will your family celebrate Thanksgiving this year? We normally gather at my brother's (my grandparent's home) for a reunion and celebration. We usually have four generations, my brother and sisters, our children, our grand children, our great grand children, cousins and their families...
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    Thanks for this post. It is probably the most accurate piece of information about vaccinations that has been posted on this site. Unfortunately, the so called end of times experts here won't listen to a word of it. I'm looking forward to the availability of vaccinations. I really miss our...
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    Who will Win

    There is a good side effect brought about by wearing masks. There is a reduction in the number of flu cases.
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    Survey Poll: Will you take the Covid 19 Vaccine

    Absolutely. Why would He provide two, with 90+% effectiveness, if it were not in His will.
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    Trump Outsmarts them again

    What will this country look like in the days following Trump's reelection certification? What will this country look like in the days following Biden's election certification? In either case the streets are not going to be safe.
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    What's your favorite coffee drink?

    Folgers smooth blend. Hot, dark, and free from any frills.
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    This election was stolen

    One thing that mail in ballots did was allow people who probably would not have voted, to vote. The republican party failed to realize that they had a real opportunity to capture many more votes. Instead, they looked like they wanted to take votes away from legitimate voters by removing a way...
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    Democratic Party USA

    I live in an area that has a few remaining yeller dog democrats. They would still vote for a yeller dog before they would vote for a republican. Most of them grew up in the thirties and know what it was like growing up in the dirt poor south. If it were not for the projects implemented by...
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    Who will Win

    The republican party has a real problem, and it's not the presidential election. It can continue the voter fraud angle, and possibly (very unlikely) win the election, but in the process, it stands to lose the senate. There are two senate seats in GA that are extremely competitive, and an...
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    Is Biden actually the President Elect?

    I stated that. I also stated that if President Trump cedes the election, (never going tom happen) Biden becomes president elect. Those are the only two ways that Biden can become president elect.
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    Is Biden actually the President Elect?

    President Elect means that he will become president on Jan 20, 2021. No more, no less.