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    Blue's Coffee House & Restaurant

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    Blue's Coffee House & Restaurant

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    Not By Works

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    Speak Your Mind.

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    Speak Your Mind.

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    Speak Your Mind.

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    Uhh, what is a nadar Christian? :unsure: Anyhoo, welcome to CC. :)
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    Don't Get Discouraged

    Why is this in the News forum?? :unsure:
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    New member so I want to add a photo

    Here is how you do it. Follow Shineyourlight's directions, but instead of doing #2, click on "account details" instead. Then click on your avatar, and follow the rest of Shiney's directions. :) And for future reference, questions like this go in the user 2 user forum, where there are many...
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    people i am the real deal

    OHHHH, so only YOU can see God? Really? I don't know what god you refer to, since you consistently don't capitalize His name.. :rolleyes: So you must be rambling on about a different god.
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    Grrr[email protected] audacity of this scam...

    You beat me to it.. lol
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    Speak Your Mind.

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    Speak Your Mind.

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    Double Standards of KJV Onlyists - Erasmus' gay - sounding letters, King James' homosexuality

    "Gay-sounding letters"? REALLY?? :rolleyes::confused:
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    Two Abortions and No Regrets:

    An abortion is far from being a miscarriage. When a doctor uses a scalpel or other sharp instrument to end the life of a live fetus, that is MURDER. It's not a miscarriage, which is usually associated with a trauma, or birth defect or something like that. You're right, God didn't use the word...