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    Facial hair! What do you think?

    My hair is just strange....I get the most compliments when I neglect shaving .... that being said I do try to keep the beard and mustache trimmed if they start to get too out of hand...
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    Would you marry you?

    I would definitely marry me😬
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    What is your favorite sport and why?

    I like ice hockey because it’s rough .. I like chess because strategic games are always fun and I like Kendo
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    What is your earliest memory?

    Walking in my dads tomato garden with him and our new puppy 🙂
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    Question about dating before divorce

    I’ve been divorced over 15 years now and don’t date. I married very young...too young. Looking back I understand why things went the way that they did and putting myself in her shoes as much as I could I realized I might do the same thing if I was her But one thing I look back on and still...
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    Red Flags in the church

    I agree entirely 😬
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    Midnight Confessions

    When I find snowflake..I will deliver Marino...
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    I have suffered from clinical depression for a long kind of goes this way...I can feel totally fine for a time and then it just hits...nothings wrong..nothing has happened I’m not grieving I haven’t eaten anything bad or been exposed to anything depressing. It’s not there one...
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    Who do you think is the leader of the American Deep State?

    maybe there’s not a figure head that controls deep state...maybe it’s like ‘The Stargate’ (the movie) There is a collective of powerful people that work to control or sway things to they’re own ends...
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    Who do you think is the leader of the American Deep State?

    I agree Where I live the big pharmaceutical thing is really apparent,especially in the way people with mental illness are dealt with....doctors through drugs at people until they can barely function and the pharm industry is all for it ...the more meds the more billing and big profits for...
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    Last person to post wins!!!

    Hi Ralph👋
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    Last person to post wins!!!

    Fools!!...will you never accept the fact that I win....
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    Last person to post wins!!!

    Before time began I won😬
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    Support Catch 22

    I don’t know what to think about LGBTQ at this thought is that they should bear the same burden as the rest of us...abstain until marriage...however! I don’t support same sex the same time! I hope that I wouldn’t be judgemental toward others even if I don’t support their...