I am a young woman who loves Jesus. As someone who has been through mental illness and despair, I seek to spread the hope and light that God offers.
I am a writer. I have written several novels and am currently working on one about addiction and freedom. The written word has the power to change lives, and I hope to do so through my stories.
Other hobbies include photography and graphic design. I am an avid reader - you'll often find me devouring book after book! I am a blogger and take great delight in that! :) I love baking. My family has allergies/food sensitivities, so I have enjoyed experimenting with alternative flours & sugars.
I am a hobby breeder of sugar gliders! :) I totally love these adorable pets and spend way too much time and money making their lives better. ;)

Above all else, I am seeking to share the light and life of Jesus with this broken world. Life is crazy and the world is a mess. In the midst of this wild ride called LIFE, God is the one who is stable and secure. If we don't cling to him, we'll be tossed too and fro without an anchor.
October 10
Marital Status
not married
Spiritual Status
When saved
I don't have a specific date when I became a Christian, but it was when I was fairly young. I went through a time of testing and my faith has grown immensely because of that.
Country Flag/Nationality
Country (Location)
United States
Favorite Bible Verse
Psalm 30:5
I'm a wierdo with a passion for Jesus and sharing his hope and light with this broken, bleeding world!



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