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  • I seriously need a new picture up in here......... :o
    :cool: Hey Hey Hey!!!! Hows all you fine folks doin????
    Just thought I'd say hey!!! hope y'all are doing great!!!
    Fruit loops of the spirit? I like it! God bless
    I saw you were friends with Nanabean, I love her! Anyone who is her friend must be a great person. Thank you for accepting my friend request. I will pray for your family. God Bless
    Hi CMW....good to hear from you. Nice to know you think of me too! My family and I are all well. I have been praying about staying or going from this site, or just "taking a break" from it, since things "bug" me too much sometimes. So if you don't "see" me in a while.....that may be why. At any rate, God Bless you and if you want to stay in touch, if I do decide to change things, please let me know and I can e-mail you my yahoo addy. I pray all is good with you and yours as well, and in particular keep your grandkids in my prayers daily in regards with their mom back in their lives on a more permanate basis. Love in Friendship.....nanabean
    Life has been crazy last 9 months ive missed yall and hope to get back in here often soon.still have our girls for now :) thank you all for the prayers plz keep em coming i havent forgotten who my friends are , you all live in here :P
    Hey lady....been thinking about you and your family. How have things been since you posted the prayer request? Still prayer for God to do His will...and for us (in our human'ness, to NOT lean on our own understanding.)
    please be sure to let us know somehow someway that your family is ok. I continue in prayer for you.
    You have no idea how sad I was to lose your friendship in an instant. Love you so very much!
    Hello!!!!! I'm working away from computer for a couple weeks so have minimal time but thought i'd poke in & say hey to a few of my fav peeps. Bless your heart!!
    You may be surprised....I think of you often!!! All GOOD!!! :)
    THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for the thoughtful mothers day message! *tears* VERY thoughtful of you! Same blessing back to you my dear! I pray it was a memorable day for you! :)
    Happy Mother's Day CMW!!! God Bless!
    Well a special blessing this day to my likeminded sister in Christ. This is how I see you & pray that is not an insult lol! I think you are wonderful, you are real & you are truly blessed! I am blessed to know you & just thought I'd send you a special Easter weekend blessing that you would truly know how very much you mean to so very many on here. You exemplify light of the Lord and Laughter. Thank you Lord for my sister in Christ!
    AHHH there's them red shoes!!! sudden understanding of your signature (I'm a litttle slow) I just came in to give you blessings, I just pray for God to bless you & keep you and shine his face upon you and know that you are cherished... my faceless online friend lol! when I think of you I think of my high end carpet & a kicker... I envision a lady who is blond blue smiley eyed medium build about 5ft 6 when not in the dryer... blue jeans a sweat shirt and red pumps...lol... Crazy how when we dont have a picture we put one in our own mind. It would be truly cool to one day meet you. Be blessed.
    wow, it seems we love many of the same peeps!! wonders where them red shoes went... remember the dryer avatar.
    Hi CMW! yes, long time no chat eh?? I never get to the chat rooms anymore, love the forums but only post when I feel I can gather my thoughts together enough in print for others to understand my intentions correctly. LOVE your posts! You are a delightful breathe of fresh air and down to earthness!!! Anytime you want to chat or email..I'd LOVE it! Just name a time....Take care and God Bless!!!
    aww miss ya too, i have been getting on. mostly at night tho but i dont stay for long. how you been?
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