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  • How is He working in your life? I'd love to know.
    What fun it would be to solve the puzzles found in Genesis 6!!!!
    Thank You my Lord for allowing me this eternal dance; may I always follow Your lead.
    What a blessing it is to have restless energies pardoned and secured in the arms of God, leaving the soul free to soar to unimaginable heights filled with peace and joy.
    Would it lack humility, to ask you to come a running and share with me in the feast of His words?
    Hi Christion crew, how r u? How wonderful it would be to meet u all together. Oh wait, I will some day. What a delightful and eternally rewarding experience, connecting with Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

    so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.
    Romans 12:5 NASB
    He is bigger than all our peaks and valleys combined. With or without our acknowledgment, His exalted state remains. His magnificent Glory in our lives is revealed, however, when we give Him all the praise.
    I hope we are all of one accord, giving the mysteries and revelations of God all the Glory...♡♡♡♡
    Attention all who read this, lol, can't wait to meet you in Heaven.
    Hey there online Family in Christ, I hope and pray you and yours are well. God Bless...♡
    I am thankful to my Lord for giving us a format like this which to connect....:)
    Lord equip my hands to work, make me sufficient in You.
    Yes, His strength is directly proportional to our weakness. We must dwell, however, in His strength to adhere to the Hope he brings. Can you see how the commitment to Christ is a covenant of bountiful proportions? The coming together is a union that nothing and noone can penetrate; its power is undeniable, its pleasures exponential.
    He speaks to me kindly. Thank you Lord. The very blood of Chist dwells within. Walking in His Victory yields Victory, for the strength I draw from is His.
    A life's purpose driven to love renders a greater capacity to love.
    Do we believe in Him enough to become an ambassador for Christ?
    I think it is funny that this 53 year old lady aspires to be a "senior" member on CC, lol.
    Trusting Him, our Lord and Savior, completely is such a life changer...:D Love you all and God Bless you and yours...♡
    He is the SONshine for our souls, Praise His Holy Name!!!
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