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    You know it's time to ___________ when_________.

    You know it's time to do laundry when your room smells like feet and you're wearing mismatched socks with a hole in them. You know it's time for bed when you laugh at everything wether it's funny or not.
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    Birthday forum

    I think we should have a forum where people can post birthday threads for their friends. Alayna started one for me and I just started one for her. I think it would be fun for tothers to do the same. It would be easier to come to one specific forum for it instead of throwing them into the Misc or...
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    Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world. I know I said I was going to sleep, but I decided to stay up a little longer and start this thread like you started for me. Now all of CC can say happy birthday in one place. lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
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    My big sister

    Hey guys, I want ya'll to keep my big sister in prayer. I learned today that she's been doing heroin. She's done drugs before, but it's really bad this time. She's also been really depressed. I went to my nephews party last night, and she seemed fine. She texted our other sister about wanting to...
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    Pompous Proverbs

    Some people think that using big words makes them look smarter. Can you figure out what this 'smart person' is really saying? Once you figure it out, try making your own Pompous Proverb! Maintaining a fledgling in the grasping extremity is of more merit than multiple fledglings in the thicket.
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    Sound on/off indicator icon

    Is there any way to put an indicator icon to indicate who has the sound on/off? Sometimes people have the sound muted and other people are trying to get their attention on the mic.
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    Most dangerous cake recipie in the world!

    One of the ladies at church forwarded this to me. I want to try it tonight. 5 MINUTE CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE 4 tablespoons flour 4 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa 1 egg 3 tablespoons milk 3 tablespoons oil 3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional) A small splash of vanilla extract 1 large...
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    This is at thread dedicated to three lovely ladies. Jaylynn83, Missy2shoes. and Christiancollegegirl, created by yours truly, CCG. We are three sweet, beautiful girls who are compulsive posters. You have all probably read our crazy conversations about random things in several threads, and think...
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    BES Test today

    I have my BES (Board of Evaluation for Students) test today and I'm kinda nervous. It's the test that determines if i pass my Interpreting 1 class and can move on to Interpreting 2. If I don't pass these classes, I can't get certified, and I can't graduate. I can't afford not to pass. There are...
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    My Grandmother

    My grandmother had a stroke on Thursday. She's in chicago with my aunt visiting my cousins. She's responsive, but can't talk. The doctors found an intestinal block that they're working on. They put a suction tube down her nose to get the blockage out. Today she had physical therapy, speech...