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    If you're stuck at home, what are u doing to pass the time?

    I've seen Hamilton five times now.
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    What's the song currently going through your head?

    You aint gonna be president now-- Hamilton the Musical
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    Have you ever been catfished?

    So some random guy slips into my DMs on IG. His pic is model perfect and doesn't look anything like the age he says he is. The name he told me to call him is Kevin even though the name on the account says Kelvin. He wouldn't acknowledge that he had three pics and in one of them he's wearing the...
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    Disliking things

    Does she invite you places just as often as you invite her? Because if it's mostly you, it's probably time for you two to part.
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    I'm an INTJ. It's accurate to who I am.
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    HOME Thread for Christian Singles and Friends

    Hello everyone! I'm sure most of you don't know or remember me. I'm an old timer from way back and I thought I'd check in. :)
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    Ask the user below you a question

    Chinese food. How many pets do you have?
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    Stirring the pot

    Is there ever a good time to stir said pot? If yes, explain. If no, explain. Either way you've got a lot of explaining to do. ;)
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    How do you handle your emotions?

    It's been forever since I started a thread! Good times, good times. Anyway! I recently ran into two exes (on different days) and had very different emotional reactions. The first encounter was at my doctor's office. I was sitting across the office near a large potted plant. When I spotted him...
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    Snapchat Silliness

    Part of Snapchat is the fun filters. Post some of the fun pics you've taken.
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    So I'm doing the going back to school thing... again. This was due for the cardio unit.
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    I really want an English bulldog. Probably a mini bulldog because a regular bulldog is around 80 pounds and most landlords don't go for dogs over 50 pounds. I'll look for a rescue first, papers don't matter to me. That's just ridiculous. They're just so cute!
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    Your Phone

    Android, IOS, or Windows (and/or BB)? Android Most used apps: Facebook, Chrome, IG, Kindle, Pinterest Other than calls and sms, what else do you use your phone for? Mostly to read, or go on IG. Can you last 24 hours without your phone?: I could if I had to. Lastly, screenshot your home screen...
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    How Do You Know God's Love?

    I got into a discussion about how we know and find God's love. Their stance was we find it via the Body of Christ. My stance is we find God's love via the Bible, prayer, and the Body, not just the Body of Christ alone. He then argued that I think I can't find God's love via people because I...