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    mark of beast?

    take a minute to check out these links and tell me what you think. Pages 1001-1008 “National Medical Device Registry” section. Page 1006 “to be enacted within 36 months upon passage” Page 503 “… medical device surveillance”...
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    What does it mean when we say Amen?

    When the pastor is really delivering a strong teaching and the words being spoken move you to say "amen", when you hear a something encouraging "amen to that", lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, amen. Is the word amen just a word we speak that lets other christians know we...
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    when you worship how does it physically affect you?

    I often wondered why, when in worship, different people do different things. We have all seen it and I now realize that the holy spirits presence affects us all in different ways. Some people raise their hands up, some sing with all their might, some fall to their knees, some weep, some just...
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    catholic bible vs non catholic bible

    First off i don't intend the title to mislead like 2 boxers getting ready to square off or something. I am simply asking for anyone who may have some knowledge in this area. I recieved a bible from my mother that she picked up for me why she was in Rome with her church. It is entitled...
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    whose opinion matters most to you?

    Just an honest poll here and hope everyone is truthful in the responses. If gods opinion of you is not the most important then i encourage you to make it that way. We are to be in the world and not of the world right?
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    Does hell fear our prayers?

    Pastor brought this up today at service and really focused on it and drove home some good points. Not going to list them all out or retype the entire church service today but really just wanted to touch base with other christians out there and encourage you to ask this question of yourself, when...
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    what does it mean when someone says they are god fearing?

    I have heard people time and time again saying that they are good god fearing christians and a question just popped in my head today about that statement. What is it that god has put in us that we should fear him? I have been mulling it over all day at work and i can't help but think that...
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    children in heaven.

    Ok here is the question. If a child is lost before conception, i.e. miscarriage, abortion, still birth. When we get to heaven will we know those children? will they know us? Or will we be unaware of the other? I know this could come across troubling for some but please know that my...
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    whats your take on this? found these on youtube and wanted to get some thoughts on it. I don't deny nor support any of this i am just...
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    pre trib belief.

    just wanted to lay out a few things that i have looked to the bible for answers on concerning the rapture. In Genesis we see that noah is living among the wicked and god spared him from the wrath of the flood which wiped out ALL life except those that were on the ark. an example of the...
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    knowing movie

    Has anyone else seen this movie yet or plan to do so? There were alot of bible references in this movie and without giving anything away just wanted to know what any others thought.
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    america the evil

    I have read some posts on an earlier thread concerning america, americas christianity being a crossless brand, being cowards attacking smaller countries, etc. I just wanted to start a new thread on this so it can be discussed specifically. I hope that those who believe that america is evil...
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    I have read on some previous posts about prophecy and it being fulfilled in 1948. Sorry but i am not familiar with these events. Can someone who knows about this give some insight plz.
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    genetic selection

    OK all just wanted to get some thoughts on this current topic in the world at this time. As we all know cloning has been around for some time now and as science continues to make discoveries it seems they are finding newer and faster ways to piss god off. As far as genetic selection goes what...
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    a little help on deciphering

    I am reading through ezekiel and am stumped. ezekiel 1: 17-21. What in the world are these wheels that he is talking about. I at first thought that perhaps they were chariots but as the verses went on and on i became more confused. Any help on this would be appreciated. Anyone know of a...