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    Something You are Thankful For

    Giving thanks for my freedom, the gift of the Holy Spirit , the personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God, the fact this corona virus hoax has not affected me financially or personally, life is the same as it was before this nonsense started. Thanks to the mighty God, the truth always...
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    Nothing but questions.

    If I am sitting in a car, am I a passenger or the driver? Could I be both at the same time?
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    Funniest things in your church..

    He did leap in the air lol. But kept preaching, this was Easter Friday, so many non demoninational people were there btw.
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    Midnight Confessions

    Mine is over thinking and questioning Gods answers to prayers, especially when I think it doesn't make sense when he tells me to do something or to have trust that things will work out. A bad habit hard to break
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    Funniest things in your church..

    This was an easter outdoor function, many different religions were present. Up on stage was a cross made by the congregation, two pieces of oak bolted together on a stand . As we were sitting in the park, the priest was sharing a story of how a lady of his congreation died of cancer and she...
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    "Not by works" - false!

    If it worked that way, no one would enter the gates of heaven. A very simple test for you, send a woman in a bikini into the church Sunday morning and see what happens within seconds. Lust, anger, envy would immediately happen, which means everyone in the building would be going to hell. I don't...
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    Deliverance from demons

    Being an empathI know exactly what you mean. The attacks are constant . but as soon as you mention Jesus and tell them he is God in the flesh, they go silent, only to try again later. Its a constant battle
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    Horrible intrusive thoughts

    I get those too, being an empath I also pick up others energy and thoughts. Its not nice, and quite a battle is going on here. I have Jesus by my side so they cant prevail.
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    Catholicism vs Protestantism

    Catholicism is paganism, a small amount of truth, lots of pedophilia, corruption, huge amassed wealth, all pomp and ceremony with no substance, re written scripture, made up laws, no compassion for there flock, they are just there to be fleeced. Detestable religion. And they create there own...
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    Astronauts Report Seeing Angels In Outer-Space/Hubble has pictures of Angels and White Floating City!

    Sigh. The demonic mentality strikes again, that hoax has been around for ages. Nice try though. I see a lot of new age dogma appearing too these days and talk about sex, its everywhere, on car forums, here, on sewing forums, anything that makes something good is perverted . Roaming around this...
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    The Reason You are Told that God No Longer Speaks.

    speaking from many years of experience, (since primary school) he does speak to you, you just have to listen to the word. God speaks with conviction, not from the heart. The heart can be deceiving.
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    The question no flat-earther can answer

    umm, your half right and half wrong. There is a secret deep state here with an agenda to run the world, they will be controlling the worlds finances, this is why they orchestrated this virus hoax, to destroy capitalism and introduce there version of prosperity via socialism. Terrorism is a way...
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    Last person to post wins!!!

    Pickles Kill!! ...Want proof? ... At least 90% of all people who ate pickles in the 1800's are Dead! ;-)
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    Susceptibility of Evangelical Groups to Abusive Leaders this guy has saved me a lot of typing, but right here is the problem with said churches and is why there leaderships becomes infatuated with sex and wealth.
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    Susceptibility of Evangelical Groups to Abusive Leaders

    I assume from some of these response, there are people here who do indeed enjoy a rock concert and ceremony in there church, complete with prosperity theology ?