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    They're not for you

    I know a lot of conservatives, but none who embrace the practices that you describe. Try getting to know actual people rather than letting the media tell you what people they despise believe and support.
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    Muslim ask if you believe you go to heaven when you die why you pray for healing

    Because in this life we have the privilege of representing Christ and bringing others to Him. We can no longer do that in Heaven.
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    Marriage Advice Please

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. As bad as the porn issue is, what is more troubling to me is your husband's behavior and the way he is manipulating you emotionally and showing zero concern or empathy for your feelings. These sound like classic traits of an emotional disorder and it is...
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    predestination vs freewill

    So life is not a gift of God?
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    Men can you tell if another man is good-looking?

    Probably a good thing they didn't ask the guys to rank the girls in that one... (O_o)
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    Men can you tell if another man is good-looking?

    I can only tell if a dude is really ugly. Other than that, I would have to try to imagine them as a woman to even begin to have a clue.
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    Jesus comes immediately AFTER the tribulation, there is no Left Behind Secret Rapture=Stop causing fear.

    On the other hand, stop causing fear by claiming the Elect will undergo the wrath of God intended for the wicked.
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    how to stop children from running inside

    That's too bad. Unfortunately, most kids (er, people) don't learn proper behavior until they get their nose busted. Natural consequences are a wonderful thing! :D
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    A question for the men...

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    how to stop children from running inside

    Have you tried marbles on the floor?
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    Do you believe the New Heaven and the New Earth is just going to be "refurbished"?

    It is the same Creation renewed and redeemed. God uses the same process of salvation for fallen Creation that He uses for us fallen sinners: He doesn't destroy us and create something completely new (though we ARE a NEW CREATION in Christ): He redeems us, indwells us, purifies us, and reforms us...
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    Finding a good Christian girl from France to marry

    Just "redeeming the time," Lynx. Fulfilling the commands of Scripture. :cool:
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    To Paraphrase the Great Emperor Kuzco...

    Yeah, I found the wrong one and spent many years trying to "fix" her, only to realize there's only one Person who can "fix" any of us, and I am not That Guy.
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    To Paraphrase the Great Emperor Kuzco...

    "Yay! I'm single again!" LOL. (No trust me, this is a good thing.)