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    Hello sis, I was disconnected and I couldn't come back to that room anymore. Sorry sis. See you next time and God bless you
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    for me I would rather be focus on the shape of my spirit, if im walking upright or not. that is more important, this world will be destroyed anyway
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    Time zones might say it all, my fiance and I are of different parts of the earth. 12 hr difference and of course its gonna be 12nn from 12mn on his side.
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    Turning point

    My second life,long story short
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    Is this politcal platform of Duterte sinful?

    I understand where you coming from but these are things we cannot control. No matter how we talk about it all the power we have is prayer. If it happens and God lets it, there is a purpose. Im not saying killing people is good, but again why are we talking about it? Our real battle is when we...
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    Is this politcal platform of Duterte sinful?

    Everyone are sinful, what happen to the country has a purpose. No one is RIGHTEOUS not one but God
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    A Study of Torah from Gen. - Rev.

    Torah can be fulfilled by the law of Jesus, to love God a above all else with all our hearts mind and might, and to love our neighbors as we love oneself.
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    Turning point

    State a summary of your testimony how you heard HIS call, and turned to Christ.
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    Lovely sis
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    Any Filipino here wants to be a Filipino again?

    We are not to complain us much as Jesus Christ Himself born as he was, not rich but truly on His throne. I will be Filipino if God puts me here then I would say yes
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    Should I resent God that I was born in the Philippines?

    Wherever we are born we have a purpose, and we will find it through Christ. Seek more bout God's heart and why all must take place. Its His will not ours
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    Husband lied about his religion

    Him being a muslim is not the issue here right now, its for you to take off that anger and forgive, be the daughter of the King and ask guidance by the Father on how you will start introducing your husband to Him. We dont persecute the blind but plant a seed even on a hard ground, pray to make...
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    I am afraid of being a BAD MOTHER

    We put our confidence in the Lord on how a parent should be, we might be imperfect regarding every angles of our lives but the council should base on our Father. We do fall short as parents or even to ourselves thats why we have to consult the Most Hight in everything. Pray about it.