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  • building a portal to the Soviet Union!!
    i know what we're gonna do today!!!
    hahaha i'm impressed!
    i didnt even think of that.

    Jake. You look like such a grown up. Stoppit.
    My people are prospering. Did you find some good family movies to watch at the truck stop?
    Everytime i see the "kelvin" color sahding on instagram it makes me think about how you call me that. I never use that shading... it's ugly!
    Haha we didnt take the munchkin. It was too cold (at first) and too long for him to behave. Can you say sunburn? Mann we were in one of the end zones with the sun beating down right on us.. Got hot fast! My face is practically purple from sunburn and that was the first game we went to where the hogs actually lost. So sad. They did fight at least.. But Wilson was just about determined to throw the ball to ole miss today. I'm a fan of that one play by DJ tho.. He's a beast! Wish we coulda pulled out a win though. That call by the refs taking back our touchdown really cost us. I didn't see that play 'cause someone was standing in my way.. But Wes said it was pretty clever! Hope you had fun!
    You were a little late with that happy birthday..
    Wow. I meant they're* not there. I do have some edjoomakashon.
    Haha we're going to the game as well! So I'll keep a look out. :P no idea where our seats are though.. There Wes' company's tickets...holla! Lol. Never heard of Edmond, ok.. But that's probably why it's so nice lol. I just got stalked by a possible drugged out, 40 something yr old man today in Conway.. So I second the crime comment. Glad we're gonna be in the outskirts. Supposedly the guy who was eventually escorted off the premises (I was at target and didnt even notice him creepin) lives in greenbrier? So luckily not vilonia!

    Looking forward to seeing some possible random item addition pictures! Haha
    It is about 45 minutes from r-ville to vilonia.. I think maybe Wes told me its like 10 miles out of Conway? I cannot recall exactly. It's pretty close though. I guess it's kinda a suburb of Conway and metro little rock? *shrug* after midnight we will only have 5 days until closing! ..and still haven't heard any for sure news! But I'm confident enough that they would have already told us if we didnt get it.. So we started packing as of last night. Thinking about painting and mowing and changing locks and stuff makes me a tad giddy! But I would still like to know for certain!

    Have you started looking for a place in Oklahoma? Find anything good yet? Are you going for outskirts of okc or city life? While you're waiting do you have anything more than a chair and tv in your apartment yet? Haha!
    Agreed. It'd be nice to be champions again!
    Vilonia is right outside Conway, where Wes works. It's a small, countryish suburb. Good luck selling! Seems like a good number of people are buying.. It's just such a process! We're 9 days from closing and still haven't been told anything final. Boo hoo.

    I haven't decided how to feel towards the hogs as of late. Against Kentucky it was almost like watching an entirely different team! If they can keep that up then we're set! Wes is hopeful of course! He thinks we'll make it to a bowl game. But those couple awful games he was close to writing them off on Sunday- Tuesday then by Wednesday he was back to hoping we'd win the next one somehow. Haha! We're looking forward to getting rid of John L. Smith. Would you take Petrino back if that was ever an option?
    Tiny man is getting not so tiny..and smiling a wholeee lot. :) Big man is getting impatient waiting to hear if we got our house in Vilonia or not. And I'm busy entertaining tiny man and figuring out how to still have time to eat and sleep haha! How're you recently?
    hahaha, that is seriously absurd.
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    is that the deer your friend shot?
    HI::) how are you??

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