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    Those people

    "Lord, who else are we to listen to? You alone have the words that lead to life." We CAN be taught, ladies and gentlemen ;) Shoutout and blessings to those people. The kingdom is near and it takes people very like them, it seems ^^
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    Organized funded stalking

    How many hate or anti-hate groups or rotary clubs or Facebook pages do you guys think people could get involved in investing in the targeting and hazing of an individual by making that individual out to be some kind of a monster to the public? Just sayin'. The church is allied with the mob...
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    Can't say as I agree with luciferianism, but they believe in testing people in my opinion, targeting those who are close to God and refining them. They believe in sorting out the true Messianics ;) They are conservative - nationalist and populist in nature - but they believe that evil can be...
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    You did a certain someone a good.
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    Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It's also my 39th birthday (I know my profile says different. There's a reason for that that is no longer relevant.) This is usually the hardest day of the year for me. It's a very long story. For a lot of people it would be Christmas or Thanksgiving, I suppose...
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    Israel and Iran? Thoughts?

    Trump warns Israel: Stop announcing new settlements - Israel News - Jerusalem Post The coming clash with Iran We live in interesting times.
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    Don't make me turn this car around. Ask Kado.

    Be nice. Love you all.
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    For the record.
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    Terrorism fulfilling bible prophecy

    End Time Signs Fulfilled - ISIS, Saudi Arabia, & Turkey in Bible prophecy This site makes absolute sense. The guy with the blue hat in Iran fits a Nostradamus prophecy, incidentally. About the Rapture... lol. Read.
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    Prayers for our troops ^^ Never thought I'd hear myself say that... Heh.
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    Me and my big mouth

    Can you guys pray for me that God would change my heart as far as my feeling like I need to air dirty laundry on social media or get into the middle of things that I potentially shouldn't? I feel led at this point to stop. It would be appreciated, thanks. "Why can’t you decide for yourselves...
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    The NWO gay agenda - thoughts?

    Homosexual Agenda Myself, I would say that sums it up very nicely. A bit of a read. Worth it.
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    The rain

    Makes twice now that I went to eat my ice cream on the porch and it started raining. Strange things afoot at the circle K. Lots of things that remind me of someone, too much to be coincidence. My family witnessing this stuff happening and trying to exploit it, trying to get me to do things that...
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    Nexus at the intersect reflected in the clock. To face the truth, turn away. Return. Faith suspended. Progress found in letting go, in holding on. I see now, or do I? Am I lost or am I... Not madness, too much concrete. Not certain, too much to lose. Loss is gain for heaven's sake. So...
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    Dating versus Hanging Out-- Ethics and Emotional Pain

    Things are not always as they seem. The rose was a symbol - I would have given in good time to the girl but... God kept that from happening in his way (There are many things involved and still happening that the public has not been made aware of). For the miscommunication I apologize. For my...