I have just turned 62 and God willing would love another 30 yrs. I have a grown daughter who is my beauty! Three grands,one is hers two belong to my son whom the Lord took this Nov.5 yrs ago. I feel I am strong in my faith and in Him. I love to study the word and read.Music,cooking,communicating,and loving People is my passion! Nature,animals,children and the elderly pull at my heart. I was a Geriatric nurse in a former life! I have been a daughter,a sister,a wife,a mother,a friend a caregiver,a lover and a dreamer. My greatest role in life has been to be a Child of God🙏
June 11
Marital Status
not married
Spiritual Status
When saved
Country Flag/Nationality
Country (Location)
United States
Alabama [USA]
Favorite Bible Verse
John 3:16
I am a born again believer as Jesus said born of the Spirit and of water! My faith is in The Father,The Son,and The Holy Ghost! I love the word for it is Truth and the truth shall set you free! I am free in Christ,I honor,praise and worship Him! His LOVE for us is what held him on the cross! Praise His Holy name. I serve at His pleasure in His kingdom!




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