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    Good health & peace of mind

    Friends, I am feeling unwell now, I have put a scarf on my face and went out to buy some fruits for daughter, I am really worried, if I may get this virus and spread in family. You can pray for my good health and peace of mind, in these circumstances. God bless!
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    physical food

    Friends, I had brought some Hindi Bibles, but due to lockdown, cannot go out and give Bibles. But now as people are suffering with no food, due to lockdown, it's coming to mind to give them physical food. You can pray if it is God's will, He will bless me, with physical food, and guide me so...
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    I need prayer

    Lord bless ContriteHeart, and this prayer request, Let your healing, strength and peace be upon ContriteHeart. Lord help ContriteHeart to overcome , challenges and bless your name, in Jesus Holy name, Amen!
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    US churches

    Lord we agree with this prayer request, please bless, in Jesus gracious name, Amen!
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    for me

    Friends, you can pray God bless me with a good spiritual, physical and mental health Thank you!
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    corona virus vaccine

    Yes, It's in news that government officers and others are helping the poor , and govt. announced relief but people are starving you know the work stopped, the landlord asking rent, no money no food so they are started walking hundreds of kilometers to their villages.
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    corona virus vaccine

    Yes yes thousands of people have died in the world but 17 persons have died in India. Due to coronavirus it's a lockdown but poor people may die starving before coronavirus kills them there is suffering Thanks Adstar
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    corona virus vaccine

    Friends, lakhs of people are infected with coronavirus, countries are suffering and thousands of people have died. You can agree and pray God bless with a corona virus vaccine soon, so that all these coronavirus problems come to an end. Let their be coronavirus vaccine soon. God bless!
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    starving people

    Friends, i can see poor and hungry people, saying they may die of hunger instead of coronavirus. It really feels sad to hear this and also to see them starving, and suffering. Can you agree and pray, God's love and help , reach these starving people. Let God feed these starving people, during...
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    poor people & daily wage labourers

    Friends, the daily wage, labourers and poor people are hit hard by the 21 day lockdown, they had no savings but lived hand to mouth, now no work no finances for them to feed their family and children. One such Christian woman came to us and asked helped, there may be many more like her. You...
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    21 days lockdown, declared by Indian prime minister

    Friends, The prime minister declared a, a 21 days, lockdown in India to check coronavirus. Can you agree and pray, God bless us , and provide our daily, and essential needs, in these 21 days. Also let God help to stay at home and spend more time with family and with Lord Jesus. God bless!
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    medical masks for family

    Friends, everyday there is an increase in coronavirus, patients. Masks are not available at medical stores. Not sure how many masks to get for family, and during this time, when coronavirus is spreading, each day. You can pray , God bless with mask, for our family, so that atleast we remain...
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    God's deliverance from CORONA VIRUS

    Friends, you can pray, let our living God deliver, every people, who are under the grip of CORONAVIRUS and its problems. Also let God bless the faith of every believers, also help them in their situation and He be glorified, during this CORONA VIRUS outbreak. God bless!
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    to move out

    Friends, you can pray that we will move out of sister's house and start living in a rented room, and independently. Let God bless this decision. Thank you!
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    panic situation

    Friends, a girl here has tested positive for coronavirus. It's a panic situation Govt. ordered closure of super markets, mall. And people are hurry to buy grocery. You can pray God protect me and family in case things become worse here, let God bless stop the virus from spreading and let God...