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    tomorrow, going to Bhillai

    Friends, tomorrow going to Bhillai, to give hindi Bibles. In Bhillai, some unbelievers organizations, are working against Christiand have heard of attacks on Christian's in Bhillai. You can pray God protect us, guide and bless to give Bibles , in Bhillai. Also let God bring the needy people to...
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    Thanks, tourist, would like to share some pics but no place to upload pics here. I had a good phone with camera, but orphanage girls stolen and threw it in dirty water,
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    Friends, you can pray God bless with a camera, so that we can use it to click pictures during giving out Bibles to others. God bless!
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    Prayer for my job

    Lord we pray bless maur, and this prayer request. Lord make everything right at Maura's job. Please bless, in Jesus loving name, Amen!
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    Urgent need to find place to live

    Lord bless Jason_K, and this prayer request, in Jesus gracious name, Amen!
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    Please pray for my marriage and clarity

    Lord bless Blueleaf32, and this prayer request, in Jesus loving name, Amen!
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    Feeling discouraged but holding on....

    Lord bless StrugglingTilMyReward, and this prayer request, and you be glorified, in Jesus loving name, Amen!
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    House Prayer

    Lord bless MegMarch, and this prayer request. Let MegMarch's house be sold soon and at a good price, yes Lord . Please bless. In Jesus Holy name, Amen!
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    Valentine’s Day

    Yes, Lord bless the lonely people in this world, with your love, peace. Lord send someone to love and care them. In Jesus precious name, Amen!
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    Prayer Request

    Lord bless I_am_Canadian, and this prayer request, in Jesus loving name, Amen!
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    Friends, you can pray God bless me with a phone, and erase this incident from my mind, where the orphanage girls were stealing money and other items from our room and ultimately, threw my phone into dirty water. We have searched but not yet found in the dirty water. God bless!
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    Prayers for Salome

    Thanks Godsgirl, she had fever so went to doctor and doctor told to continue the same medicine till saturday
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    Orphanage girls stolen my phone

    Friends 4 orphanage girls stolen our room key, and they have been stealing many things, when we went out, but today, they stole my phone, which was around 400$, and threw it in a dirty, muddy water, a boy tried to search but did not find, knowing that I kept it to record, who is entering my...
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    Prayers for Salome

    Friends, doctor told its viral fever and gave medicines for 3 days. Salome has taken medicines for 2days, one more day left. She still have fever, though taking fever medicines, the body temperature comes down. We really are worried for her. You can pray God heal her from fever and whatever...
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    Salome is having fever

    Friends, salome is unable to sleep. Now, checked her, she is having fever, or her body is little warmer. Just gave her a fever medicine. Can you agree and pray, God heal salome now, let her fever be gone, and she sleep well. God bless!