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  • Do you believe Christ died for our sins as the gospel of your salvation ?

    1Co 15:3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
    1Co 15:4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

    For you to be saved you must believe this gospel alone for salvation.
    Why do you post on my nick, 3 years after you supposedly joined the page, and hardly any posts till today, to me. Why do you wonder? Yow want to tell me what those two cherrypicked verses are supposed to tell me? What do they mean for how to guide my life? Which God guides btw. Since you post to me directly, I assume you mean I am wrong on a certain issue. Just get it out.
    So I land here at Christian chat board to see now what'll happen Will I survive here or not? Or will others not want me around or feel I'm not a needed member. Time will tell within the coming weeks if I am accepted or not to Christian chat members. .Your new friend chapter or crt for short
    As far as being "needed", there is not a single member on here that's needed.
    And being liked comes down to each individual.
    Whether or not you stay should be based on if you want to or not. I'm a 10 year member and probably am more disliked than liked. My staying isn't based on popularity. Neither should yours.
    Hello, I welcome you here. I am a newbie and I am looking forward to learning and sharing the wisdom of the Lord.
    We've been distance from most people socializing since last year especially. . So just hope a place like Christian chat helps me to feel better to socialize. . During this COVID many of us are reaching out to friends and families. Our state is back to mask mandates again. It's not as safe to go out like it once was. .Combine that if you can't see. Anna has trouble walking a long distance.
    I hope members here don't feel disturbed by pm messages here and there. It's not always good to put things like this in public. . After all I am new. People may misjudge my life etc. I want people to like me for who I am whether I can see or not see. I'm not sociable in real life at home as I once was. COVID doesn't help either . .
    But now we have no contact anymore. . Now we only have one friend left who emails us. As for forum friends we're back to square one starting all over. .
    As far as this place Christian chat I'll learn what people are like after awhile whether they want to be friends or just posters that don't want to have any pm messages. We lost some friends because some boards closed for good. So we lost contact after a number of places closed up. Everyone went their way. We used to have friends at Christian forums. A few of them.
    Hi. I know how that is. I'm new myself but I do know that others will see your comment after awhile. :) I didn't know about your comment until I clicked on the new tab. God Bless hon. Stay positive in your walk with God
    I'm usually fine at remembering names. I'm new here. . I'm now getting familiar with some names Anna is reading. I try to make friends at forums. Some members don't want to be bothered much. They only want to post answers on the board. . It's not even easy to make friends much at most Christian forums in my 10 yrs of posting various forums.
    In this case I was just trying to help others to understand how this post works. I wasn't attempting to be pushy. I was just hoping I could get others to share. . If they could join in I now have a picture to see what others would write. If they don't join I have no vision of this starting thread. I was inviting friendship fellowship talk here. .
    We that can't see sound a bit more judgment when we ask for help. It may seem pushy to some. But when you can't do something alone you need to express out loud a concern to help someone who can't see and is stuck.
    They will avoid me because I can't see. Now you can understand why the man who couldn't see in the bible why he had to yell out. Realize only Jesus showed concerned. Not one person helped this man. They told him to be quiet. .
    Remember in the bible people didn't understand why the person who couldn't see was yelling Son of David. It's peoples thinking at times those who can't see to ask for help is a nuisance and a bother. People in general don't like to be bothered to go out of their way. Anna tells me people stare at me.
    I understand one sentence when it's a regular back and forth chatting discussion upon a topic. . So it looked like I was being pushy. Not as it seems . If others knew I couldn't see they'd realize the testimony version will open my vision mind to understand a persons version of their own life situation special person. .
    Also anything people share helps me to visualize. To ask others to talk about family gave me a picture in my mind to vision. A testimony like a book or an article. . When people only say a couple of sentences there's nothing. Whoever can't see will not have any vision or picture the other person is saying in one or two sentences. Not in that case at least.
    When I type I have to remember only. I have nothing to look at. So only depending on my memory. I can't even look jp verses either. That's in between posting. She's been reading the bible for us. .
    I type up my own posts on a word document. She needs to correct my spelling and put my post in. So she's telling me about znp in another thread. So I got mixed up by that name. That's why I didn't realize it was you mindfulzen that put in that testimony and not znp. In case you were thinking how anyone could make such a mistake so obvious. Your name was easy to see.
    hi mindfulzen

    I want to explain the misunderstanding that happened in the post I started about sharing someone special while growing up in the miscellaneous section.

    For you see I am visually impaired completely. I lost my vision more than 10 years ago. It changes the way I go about things today.

    I'm called RJ by most people today. It's my first 2 initials. Only doctors call me Robert since that's on my records.
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