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    Are you are middle child?

    what is the stereotype? hahah
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    Old fashioned discipline

    Im a young mom with a very precocious 13 year old stepdaughter. I would love to be able to pen pal with you as a mentor. if you are willing. my email is [email protected]
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    Just found this forum and thought it interesting so thought I would like to join.

    I am in Alberta Canada. Would enjoy being a pen pal if you would like. Lucinda
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    Hi All of you sharing the same problem

    I don't know anything about that but if you would like to pen pal to canada let me know
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    hey guys

    If you would like to pen pal to Canada please let me know.
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    Hello, how are you?

    We iive in Alberta, Canada. If you would like to pen pal please let me know?
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    Where is the school? I went to a christian school. We learned using the Accelerated Chrisian Eduction (ACE) curriculum. Mine was an extremely small school. Lucy
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    Lonely and sad.....Need good christian friends.

    If you would like a pen pal feel free to write me. I live north of Edmonton in a christian community farm. My email is [email protected] Lucy
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    Hello from North Texas!!

    Have you ever been to Surprise Az? I rented a house one November for myself and my daughter.
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    hahaha...good one. I am just looking for christian females to be pen pals with.
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    Are you are middle child?

    You will find raising a teen much more difficult
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    Are you are middle child?

    You will find raising an early teen much more difficult
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    Hi, I'm new

    Feel free to say hi if you wish to chat. Im 39, christian and a single mom
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    new here

    If you don't mind chatting with a 39 year old mom feel free to say HI LOL
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    Hello to all members of the Christian Chat!! :-)

    I am a single mom of a daughter and a devout christian. Please feel free to communicate as I love to chat and discuss issues.