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    Lets laugh together!

    So kojikun are you saying you dislike capitalism? Please tell me you're not a communist.
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    Lets laugh together!

    capitalism is responsible for the greatest economy ever - long term. I honestly can't believe anyone is down on it.
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    Lets laugh together!

    Yet another thing to say goodbye to thanks to "Me TOO!" What are we saying goodbye to? Um, got to give me a minute on that!
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    Does satan hide The Way to the Tree of Life? Do Cherubim hide the Tree itself?

    Really? I'd kinda like to read more about that, if you've got the time.
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    Why do people hate the Jews?

    I live the Israelis - why wouldn't I? My Lord and Savior is Jewish! I hear and see in print that some people hate the Jews, but they never give a coherent reason. Kinda like Trump haters. Never see or hear a good reason for the hate, but wow, is it ever there! I really don't know why -...
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    Honestly, and maybe a bit tongue-in-cheek, I wish we could give the Isrealis a huge hunk of Texas or maybe Iowa or something. They could all just come over here, and live and work - they are a very hard working people, and their values are terrific! They'd blend right in!
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    2020 American Election And President Trump Capitol Rally, Criminal Fraud Exposed!

    Hello - thanks for the link. But I want to see other people's opinions - I want to be able to text exactly what's on my mind - where is that in here? Thanks, MC.
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    Lets laugh together!

    I would wear that!
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    Great example of why America Loves Trump.. U can post others..

    Oh, I hold the Rs Completely responsible.
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    Christ the healer

    Gotcha. "there's one thing that I haven't been healed of YET " You and all of us - just keep trying and praying!
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    Great example of why America Loves Trump.. U can post others..

    Do you know he pardoned Jack Johnson when even Obama refused to? (look it up)
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    Women Who Struggle With Negative Self Worth And Low Self Esteem

    "our culture ignores them" yes they do. And unfortunately, it can get very violent as young men view themselves as turned away as 'undesireables' by the women of our day. I speak of the incels. I feel very bad for them, as they have a very strong sex drive and no where to appropriately...
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    Christ the healer

    ok - got a question for you. How do you pray when you know the condition is terminal? Here's me: I always pray for healing - hey, we and the doctors don't know everything. Then I close by saying something like asking for comfort and peace for the individual and the family. Ok - now, how do...
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    in need of support

    I commend you for recognizing your problem. And I trust you will do the appropriate thing, which, in my opinion, is to lean on Jesus. Lean Baby Lean! He will pull you back if you let him! Also, I do not recommend you take this problem to church. Until the church recognizes gossiping is as...
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    Pastor tells wives if they let themselves go, their husbands will look elsewhere

    This man is not a pastor that teaches God's word. This is reprehensible. He needs to be removed immediately. Sorry, I've see this thread before today and have read through it once or twice; but all of a sudden I felt outraged by it. I cannot imagine sitting in a church pew and hearing this...