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  • Hi,
    It was nice to see you in the forums. The one about arts and crafts.
    You should go see the log/stumps planters I made.
    We had a bad ice storm this year, a lot of trees went down.
    I noticed some of the bottoms of the trees had burls in them,
    it added character to them. The middle was rotted out,
    so I made them into planters in my garden.
    They are so cute, I love them!
    God bless and take care
    Hi Nana. Miss ya.
    How about it are you still around? I had a red sunflower blume in my garden, come's in my alblum.
    Hope your doing well, God bless
    As for your question about the shells... I buy them sliced. But I do drill them myself. It saves money.
    I noticed I have had a lot of typos, I got a new lap top and the keys are different. So excuse my unique spelling.
    I try to catch them, but most of them seem to slip past me. I don't notice until I hit post message.
    And then I'm too lazy to edit. Did I type that out loud? I mean I'mmmm......
    Take care! I enjoy your notes too! God Bless
    I go to Bazaars and craft shows to sell my Wind chimes and garden stones. My youngest son is a full time job.
    He has Aspergers - High functioning Autisum. I adopted him through foster care. God has used him to teach me a lot.
    I also baby sit my granddaughters about 2 to 3 days a week. One of my most important jobs is homemaker.
    I do a lot of cooking from scratch! Do people even know what that means anymore? Ha Ha!
    Good day to you! Hope everthing is well.....did you get to read the comments I put on your pics yet?
    I answered some of the questions you asked about my pics too. (Types of flowers etc....)
    Hope to hear back soon, take care & God Bless
    I did not know we could leave comments on each others pictures, Fun! Thanks the the clue, because I did not catch it!
    I left some on yours.
    The picture of the squirrel in the tree, it is a tree in my yard. I put sunflower seeds in the Heart shaped nott- whole.
    For my little friends who come to visit, this is my entertainment while I eat breakfast. I also have birdfeeders hanging in a few trees, So my yard gets a lot of action in the morning. We have wild bunnies that eat the food the squirrels drop. I get Deer, Elk, Cyotes, raccoons, owls, eagles, hawks, ducks in one of the small ponds and the other pond I have huge gold fish (No they are not coy, but are related.) We have had a fox and a cougar pass through.
    We live near the foot hills, and all our nieghbors have 10 to 20 acres. Basically we live in the woods.
    Don't have to hurry - answer back when you have the time. In His Love, Shekaniah
    I changed my avatar, do you like my new sunny face. This is the first sunflower in the garden this year.
    You can stop laughing now, and look at some of my pinecone decor in my profile pictures.
    I was going to put pictures of my Fat Belly frogs, but I think all save that for later.
    Still praying they will bring the right church your way!
    God Bless
    Yes, I have made bird-feeders out of pinecones. You are talking to the pinecone queen. My house is decorated with them. I have them on a shelf in the bathroom, on the top of my book case in my bedroom, on my sofa table in the living room, on the inside of my window box, and on the top of my cabnet in the dinning room. I call them wooden flowers.
    I also have curtians,towels and quilts with pine cone prints. Pine cones, Seashells and Flowers - Oh Ya!
    Did I mention Fat Belly Frogs! They are another thing that brings me joy!
    O.K. now that you know how silly I'm, I hope you will still write me back? Ha Ha!
    God bless,
    I was just thinking about you, hope you are O.K. I went to the fair today. When I got to the craft section... I thought of you.
    Did you try making the wax paper windows? And did it work this time? I would love an update.
    God Bless
    I will pray for God to plant a church near you, I'm sure there are more people who feel the way you do. I know that my life feels more complete when I have the body of Christ to worship with. It sounds like you may have done a lot more crafts then I have, So here's another try.... Have you made wax paper windows with pressed plants in them, press and dry flowers and plants ahead of time, lay them in- between the wax paper with little flakes of wax. Iron on low heat until wax melts and then frame with card stock. Thank you again!
    Your craft sounds like fun! I will have to try it. One of the projects we did was make tambourines. We used stiff paper plates, Glued the bottom of two of plates together, attach jingle bells to the space in-between the two plates. We decorated our plates with stickers, And then we sang songs and made music. My church is small, but big on Jesus.
    My class most sundays has 3 to 4 kids, if one of the other teachers are gone, I could have as many as 8.
    Your message was not too long! God Bless

    I did look at your crafts. I love the snowmen, love the plants in pants Too! One thing I have not told you yet, is what caught my attention on your profile is the papillon. I had one just like it about 15yrs ago, they are great little dogs. I now have 3 toy poodles, a german shepherd and a blue heeler. I should have put my love for dogs in my profile. We live on ten acres, so I can have a whole herd of dogs.
    I also do crafts with kids in my sunday school class. Maybe we could share ideas some time.
    Love in Christ, Shekaniah ( That is not my real name either.)
    Thank you for your note . It is nice to have someone answer back. What are some of the crafts you do?
    I make Sea shell windchimes, I do little knitting, sewing, I make garden stones and I love gardening. I also read about 2 to 3 books at one time, They are usely study books on the same topic. I love cross reverancing and getting more than one out look on different topics. I could go on all night about I the projects I have started and never ended. But I don't want to overwhelm you on the second note I ever sent you!
    In His sevice and love, Shekaniah
    Hi, I'm a new member. I love Jesus, crafts, and my family. I'm 50yrs old. I have 5 kids. 3 married and 2 still at home. 2 grand kids and one more on the way! this is my very first chat room. Love your space you have made here!
    hey nana! just stopped by to say hi! love the bright colors here! :)
    Nanabean, miss you. It's been forever since i've heard from you! I haven't been on here since February lol Hope all is well with you :)

    Nanabeaan! Thanks for the prayers. I am staying with my mom until Sunday, then my church is having a church picnic on August 15th Hope you are doing well!
    Oh....I look forward to hearing from you when ever you can.... I know my last note was a book...LOL! looking forward to it!
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