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    Just my opinion.

    I agree that new churches and new teachings are popping up all over the place- even in mini malls. And you are correct in saying that God does not change and truth does not change- therefore anything new is a lie. But are you saying that Christians are no longer following the ten commandments...
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    SALVATION - Is Christ Accepted By Man, Or is Man Accepted By God?

    If that’s what you mean. Otherwise, is Christ accepted by man? Sometimes. Is man accepted by God? If man accepts and obeys Christ.
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    SALVATION - Is Christ Accepted By Man, Or is Man Accepted By God?

    We must come to Jesus, then once we do He will not leave us, and He will seek us out if we go astray. In the old testament there was a snake statue (that represents Christ coming in the likeness of man) and if someone was bitten by a snake they could look upon this statue and not die of snake...
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    What About Saved by Grace?

    SCENARIO: two kids, brothers- Zack and Mack. Zack asks his father to please give him the jet skateboard turbo 2000. Mack asks the same thing, and both brothers jump up and down repeating their requests. The dad says “That skateboard costs a lot of money boys!” Zack runs to the closet and pulls...
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    What does 'Repent' mean ?

    Repenting means to make a u-turn away from sin.
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    I cannot understand the need for the crucifixion-and i think it’s holding my Christian life back

    Death by cross was OUR punishment for sinning, Jesus took that punishment in our stead. Sin MUST be paid for- and since we cannot pay it, Jesus paid it for us.
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    How old is our creation really?

    If you add up the years of genealogy, then add 2020 years since Christ, you'll find the earth is less than 15,000 years old.
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    No 'But '

    agreed: sin IS disobedience
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    No 'But '

    How do you delete old conversations and alerts?
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    No 'But '

    Yes we always have to obey God’s law without ceasing.
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    How do I delete old conversations and alerts?

    How do I delete old conversations and alerts?
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    No 'But '

    Because even one sin not covered by grace (Christ’s Blood) keeps you out of Heaven.
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    No 'But '

    No but... HOWEVER, God only chooses to give grace to thee obedient
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    No 'But '