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  • Chaddddddddd I miss you :( I also miss your laugh and your random funny videos :P Appear again on cc and/or skype, haha
    yeah thats good i know ehhee you are on facebook lol but i was on here and started messaging everyone lol ok a few haha
    lalalalalal allalalal allalala lalal been forever lol... seems the crew slowlly broken away ;( but hey i try too keep in touch :) sooo how have u beeen heeee
    Hey Hey never say never lol... if you like it youll mkae it lol
    pshhh why good lol.. u lucky u dont live near lol i be like need a baking class lol.. hahahahaha
    I love making those lol mmmm yummy n my tummy ehehee :p heeheh .. what else you like powder lemon balls hehehe there like golf balls braded but taste like lemon and white powdered outside
    Lol yes Cake and ice cream my friend heheh and why not pizza I mean lots of families have pizza places really.. :p hahaha.... I know you be first too say oh its preschool me me I want cake and ice cream lol..Onlyme Only me hhahaha ..and I wan cake right now i have some left over hehe hhahaha... oh yeah...

    god bless you and take care amigo seems we all talk thru cc messages more then anywhere else lol u sharon everyone hahah..

    pink color rocks lol whoo whoo
    part two of message under me lol-Ok I wasnt done lol but i know it wont let me post if I don't break up in parts lol.. Like I was saying yeah anything is possible pal really.. I have been taking for floral arrangement classes more on cakes and now wedding cake classes preparing my self more for what I want too do I still dont have a building building but its from home for now I might instead in the future buy the trucks like ice cream and do that hehehe different strictly deliveries..

    take care god bless you hear from you soon hehehe
    Well I took my cake classes decorations I have been doing since )6 but was too busy too actually do a business with college and internship and all. I just going all thru now anything is possible if we set out minds too it remember that even a pizza place my friend maybe not now but one day leave it in god's hands anything is possible... I have took a turn on things things have changed for me now I work at nite and focusing on cake business during day and do elderly and I'm working on a pro life page for girls that need too talk too someone I have a group of girls i asked and gladly they would help for girls who cant talk too anyone else this would be free.... when one door closes another opens right hehehe..
    Oh Nice too know your life is good mine is good too ehhe Concentrating on my cake business its growing now its me baker and other website girl and third girl is the financial account so we growing we growing heehe so excited thanksgiving and christmas are busiest months ever hehehe

    god bless you take care and god bless you
    Hey chad how you been pal... its been centeries hehehehe ... a lifetime lol... how are you mmm mmm
    Hi Chad!! how are you doing? :)
    Hello! :D Wow, I haven't been on here in a while.
    Chad! Thanks for the Prayers.
    HEY! im....ok :) things are well :D
    O.o Oh it's on like kangaskan(Pokemon) Sharon.
    Never try to start a war with HolyTriX. Thats number 1 on the TriX rule book. You can only lose lil miss priss lol.
    I'm older than you therefore i have more experience in internet battle.

    *RROOOOOAAAAARRRRRr* Hey chaddymchamster, i do not apologize for hitting up your wall. See you at the next Dancing bubble kiss time meeting. (Dont tell Sharon mcSTARIN) She be creepin yo page bro! o.o Respond, Im darin sharon, cuz if you do my temper be flarin -_-\
    Wait wait whaaaaat?! Psssshh Trix you just try! :P I'm nice I promise :D And how dare you steal that nickname I made up! Oh its on. Its definitely on like donkey kong! Whatever that is. Sorry chad that we're arguing on your page lol
    Yo this xXxSharonxXx Chick buggin you Chaddy Chadster Mc.Hamster? Don't worry bro, i got your back Lol :P
    Hahahah that was funny when you randomly said bologna!! It didn't rhyme lol!
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