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    how are you doing sis, hope you are doing ok
    Please keep Roger Smith in your prayers. He has cancer of the Esophogas that has spread to other areas of his body. Our church is praying for his salvation and for his healing. He has an appt with the specialist this week to determine new treatment options.
    Dear Denise hi thanx i got your note on my profile page,i will pray 4 u to get better and you sure will of course.u rock ur a sweet adorable loving christian sister friend i joined the Prayer Warrior Clan Group 2day so we r both in it,ame,we both love 2 pray amen allways on that,stay encouraged allways.i am getting a brand new mic/headset on friday i is looking 4ward to that very alot much.GBU,AllWaYs Dance Spirityually Happy With Our Lord Jesus Christ and i know you will Pretty Belle,b blessed amen.
    Dearest Sister i miss seeing you here love u much in Jesus,i hope to see you soon i hope all is very much alot fine and well with you be blessed now and 4ever eternally allway Denise.
    Just wanna say I love you my sister, and I hope all is well with you. May God abundantly bless you and we are all so blessed to have you here... :)
    Your Changed your pic :)
    Saints everyday is a struggle, but know this...God sees your struggles, and is there with you through the pain. Through financial burdens, sin, addictions, sickness- God can get you through every sistuation.I have a card from Dr Stanley that always helps me through when I need some wisdom. It says....

    Trust that God is working out everything for your good. Just Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him. Make prayer and meditation on scripture a daily priority. Depend on the Holy Spirit as the Source of your strength and remember that God loves you UNCONDITIONALLY. Rest in the assurance that God is in absolute control of your life. Keep your eye on your destination-eternal life with the Father.
    Just trust in God and He will get you through whatever you are facing right now. I love you all and know I am praying for my CC Family! :)
    Hello my dear. I have missed you. I look forward to seeing/hearing you do a work for the LORD. I was compelled to wish God's blessing upon you. May he continue to give you the boldness needed to share the love, the joy, peace, and Gift of God with others. May He be with you THROUGH all of your endeavors or your hills and valleys.(the key word being through)At the end of through is completion.
    LORD be with you my dear.
    Judith Christie McAllister Glory To His Name Praise Break - YouTube
    Densie i thought you were here longer so blassed and glad ur here my siter my friend
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