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  • Hey, I tried to e-mail you concerning this article that i have some inquires, Supra Outletbut can’t seem to reach you. Please email me when get a moment. Cheap ShoesThanks.
    Hi there,

    Would you please send me Marcia's email address? Thank you!

    Peace out brother, grow in grace & email me lots cause I'm gonna miss your face! Bless your heart! ru on facebook? email me,k.
    oh, pray for mike, i'm so worried bout him.
    oh it absolutely applies to me, I've gained 10 lbs in the last month & feell like a house! I've been last lately & normally I try to keep that in perspective, for you are right, take care of yourself first and then you are a better "you" to be a blessing.
    I'll respond to your message when I get home ok, but i am convinced that where you are is perfect for now, do not be discouraged, there was too much negative where you were. Isnt it too bad that some parents cant just look upon their children and love them for exactly who they are? somehow they just cant measure up. so much perfection is expected of children, a higher standard than the parent holds for their own self. I think you are pretty perfect. You are a smart guy and I just pray that you will find work that makes you joyful! Bless your heart & see you are closer now, perhaps when we go to jurassic park we can hang at the calgary zoo & I can introduce you too my cousin in calgary. she's really nice & a good cook! not a hook up, i dont play that game, but everyone can use friends.
    I am praying for you!
    rips up ticket in an act of civil rebellion then leans up against shelle belle's post and thumbs her nose at questathority
    AAAMEN! I kinda like loitering in quest's profile... ;0).
    Yes imoss! God's grace is so amazing! No matter where we have been or what we have done, He is always there waiting for us to cling to Him! It's like a parent who's child leaves for school and goes missing. The parent doesn't care about whether the child was disobedient, or didn't clean their room before they left. They don't care if the child is failing school or broke a rule. All they care about is that they love their child and will do anything to get them back! And when they are recovered, the parent is not going to condemn the child for the things they have done wrong. They will embrace and love that child and rejoice! If we as parents love our children that much, that we can overlook their mistakes, how much more does God love us??? He just wants to get us back!!!
    lol!!! how are ya?
    I told you the Lord has had me focusing on grace?? did i tell you that? Shad (used to be on here) messaged me that he was sending me a grace teaching & then the next day I received a 10 cd teaching series on grace from my uncle & then Lighthouse John & I were discussing a grace post of his. The Lord is cool like that, for I truly thought I had a grip on grace but shad's tape made me weep & uncle Gary's teaching has taken me to a whole new level in love and appreciation for the Lord. Anyway I just love how the Lord will show us things in 3's to validate!
    wahoo!!! there ya are now!~ Just had a couple friend over, they are crusin classics & came out with their cool old cars. what are you up to?
    lol bro, hope your doing fine. hey good news about imoss. who cares what people think, they dont know ones heart to assertain truth from fiction,heck we even deceive oyrselves at times the heart being evil by nature. Good to see you back on cc, come bible study room sometimes and join in, you have a wealth of Jesus knowledge to share and theres always a heap to ponder and chew on

    love alex
    God Bless you Trevor
    where ya been? God is good all the time, thanks Consumed :0)... oh, i read my post from b4, dont be confused, my cousins who played football arent gay lol. hope u r ok. ok, i'll tell you my facebook status for today:
    **** people think i'm too patronizing (that means I treat them as though they are stupid.) ***

    my other one... *** do you think its ironic that the little girls of the 70's who wore cougar shoes are now called cougars??/ what will they call the girls of today when they are 40 & 50, Crocks?? ***

    ok that had to make ya smile just a little. I'm actually not as funny as i think i am most days.
    hi bro,whats been happening, imoss is back on cc, good news, God is good all the time. love you, been praying for you

    love alex
    my family are watermellon heads! I've never been to a game but my gay friends in regina go constantly lol! Actually my cousins played for the pats. Michael & Darryl Leason. Its probably closer to edmonton than van... glad we are on at the same time, do u go in the chat room?
    █ ♥ █ HAPPY CANADA DAY █ ♥ █
    OH &&&&&& GOOOOOO RIDERS!!
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