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    Who do you think is the leader of the American Deep State?

    I can now see that this is a conspiracy theory page
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    Is there a new American Standard?

    Like now with judge pirro and tucker
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    Immigration Invasion

    If you want to see these videos yourself look up anthony at the border, paloma for trump ad oscar blue. They have been at the border making videos to show us what is happening there
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    Immigration Invasion

    i live in Airzona and this has been a big concern of ours here. But now, since the 1st of the year I can say it is to late. Almost a million have already come in. The globist catholic churches are full, overflowing with all the illegals that has been bused into the usa. Ive watched vidoes...
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    What will The New World Order be like?

    That is why the globelist have been moving large numbers of people from 3rd world countries into all the soverign nations. It has been going on for a while now and people do not see it for what it is. It is why americas borders are all now wide open with massess being brought in.
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    We Are The Plan

    I agree but most do not
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    Toxic US "youts" in Trump hats mock Native American; school condemns students

    And yet you didnt watch the video before you rushed in to promote hate on a Christian site? Just rushed to judgement just like that? Wow! Maybe if you didnt get your info from cnn...............just saying
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    trump is the antichrist

    If you think the adventist are keeping all 10 commandments you are wrong. They do not keep the 6th in that their hospitals do more abortatins then non churched hospitals do . They also tell lies because they keep this a secret. Since you are a relative new adventist you need to research...
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    Elizabeth Warren announces presidential run

    I hope so. Warren is the most militant female Ive ever saw!
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    Will Fox News continue

    It is to bad. I wouldnt watch cnn or msmbc no matter what was going on .
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    Immigration Invasion

    I am a mother and grandmother and I think the parents that brought their kids out their to start with should be prosecuted , any american mom that put their child in danger would be charged with neglect or abuse so why not them? and all those poor little ones the news showed in cages was on...
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    Woman Kills Escapee.......

    Locutus, I am a 62 yr old woman living alone. I have a gun and also will use it if anyone breaks into my home and bedroom, in a minute I will. Not going to lay there and allow someone to rape and kill me. Im old and can no longer run or fight to defend myself. what do you suggest a lone...
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    Cannot access chat

    I have windows xp and when I download the chat app it downloads but doesnt allow me to chat still. I can see it is downloaded in my documents and settings but it doesnt work
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    Windows Chat App does not install

    I found mine in documents and settings. Have windows xp. Also is not working for me, just I did find the download there