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    Sinning against the holy spirit

    Is there an issue with this? Just like in the harpadzo, after the dead in Christ rise first, we who remain shall be caught up with them in the air and we shall be changed... we'll receive our glorified bodies.
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    Thought policing and "trigger words" in Christian community

    Honestly, if there are trigger words for Christians, perhaps it's a good time to sit down and search the scriptures regarding the trigger words. If there is merit to stand against certain things, so be it. If there is no merit, and it's based on man made doctrine or beliefs in the church, then...
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    Lordship salvation vs. "easy believism"

    I do hope that believers do not equate obedience and faith (our reaction to the Lord's saving grace and an essential part of our salvation) as the Law (returning to the letter and ritual of the mosaic law and not the spiritual application of the law).
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    Lordship salvation vs. "easy believism"

    Odd, has he also given up his beliefs on Cessationism? I don't have an issue with premill and believing what the bible says about the dispensation of the church age. I'm more surprised and happy that he came out of Calvinism :P
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    Norton 360 Anyone have experience with this AntiV program? They have all sorts of options including a VPN.

    Are you looking for a free AV solution or paid AV solution? What do you tend to do on your computer? Are you utilizing services that have confidential and financial data? Malwarebytes is an Anti-malware program, but it lacks the antivirus component. It can be safely run alongside an antivirus...
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    Ultimately, conversion is not a good reason to enter a relationship or marriage with an unbeliever. If they do happen to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior that's a different story, but the heart of the matter is not to change someone so that one can marry them :P
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    OH NO!! Not another Halloween debate!

    Ultimately for Christians, what truly matters is what the Lord thinks about something and not what we feel is right and wrong in our own minds. We can be thinking of Jesus when we do something the Lord hates, but that doesn't change the underlying issue of the problems within the celebration...
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    Yoga is Dangerous to Christianity

    Technically, since God says not to learn their ways and not to use them to worship Him... It would seem that the act is tied in to the original method of worship? You left out verses 1 and 2: 1 Hear the word which the Lord speaks to you, O house of Israel. 2 Thus says the Lord: “Do not learn...
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    Thought policing and "trigger words" in Christian community

    The two biblical sacraments of the Lord's Supper and Baptism? As long as we're not trying to unbiblically force the unleavened bread and wine to become literal flesh and blood, I don't see the issue?
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    Can a Christian support Biden?

    The two major issues that I look for when deciding who to vote for are: Abortion - does the candidate actively support abortion? If so, no vote Allies with Israel - does the candidate actively support Israel? If not, then no vote as all countries who divide her land shall be judged in the...
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    Norton 360 Anyone have experience with this AntiV program? They have all sorts of options including a VPN.

    Working with computers for a living, I'll say that we've had the most issue with Norton, McAfee, AVG, and Avast. Norton and McAfee are serious resource hogs, and we've also had issues with AVG and Avast messing with the OS to a degree that sometimes requires an OS refresh. Most importantly, do...
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    Christians and Halloween

    This subject again yes, mostly because of the times. It's not about following the Law when we look toward worshipping God in spirit and in truth. It's not legalism to seek what is pleasing to the Lord and throwing out what we find out is displeasing. A return to the mosaic law by the letter...
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    Christians and Halloween

    Interestingly enough, God specifically asked His people not to learn these ways to worship Him. It represents to God something that He absolutely detests. He didn't ask us to "reclaim" or "Christianize" these pagan celebrations. This is why king Saul was rejected from being king after he...
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    Do you still buy music?

    I tend to buy my music song by song. I like to find songs where the artists have a discernable anointing by the Holy Spirit. I also make a distinction between songs for worship and songs for praise :) It's hard to use streaming services to play music at church as we are a small ministry that...
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    Hello all!

    New user here. Been spending most of my time in the chat app, but am branching out to the forums. Hope all are well and staying safe during these times!