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  • Hi!:) My name is Judy and I'm from New York, looking to fellowship and was wondering where you're from and wanted to exchange testimonies! I'm new to CC so please shoot me a message
    hi Seoul, God bless you

    Your threads are always should really start a blog (if you haven't already) ;)
    salvation is the root that leads to faith and spiritual fruits (ie: love)

    as long as we have the root, we will never lose that root (John 10:28)
    stopped by to say hi and that you are such a beautiful ,sweet and genuine soul sister .Hugs and love <3
    Just passing by with some love sis. Hope all is well with you ❤️
    I don't know how you keep coming up with the best threads Amazing really. Love pizza, gonna have that for dinner tonight. Frozen, but Darlene always puts on her own toppings. It is excellent. I do prefer Papa John's though but Pizza Hut and Domino's are good too. Pizza is one of the simple pleasures that God has provided. Actually, you came up with a very good way for CC fellowship.
    Hello sister, the feeling is mutual :) ❤️
    Seoul, you’re so funny with your posts. I love your kind hearted nature ❤️
    Ah I understand lol, hopefully the seas calm for you then :) Doing alright myself, am excited for the future!
    How are things going? I notice a lack of thought-provoking threads lately :P
    thanks sis....I think you are!
    Lol what is with the huge microwave oven robot as a profile picture? Is he getting ready to bake cookies or something? (yea i know its optimus) but this rendition looks like a pizza/baking oven lol....and yea my pc is bit weird after an update trying to get it back up.... :D
    Thanks for the rep!! I couldn't add anymore to yours.
    Oh, haha, thank you : 3 Yeah my computer gave up on me so I'm stuck using my phone for all things internet related, so its harder to use this site for me now.

    Thanks though. I appreciate it : p
    Kim, I am so glad you like it :) A few days ago I came across and downloaded a whole bunch of fairies, and wondered what type of Christian art I could include them in, because, well, faeries and Jesus just don't really seem to jive LOLOLOL. I wanted to make something special for you, for all you do for others, and to acknowledge the special place you hold in my own heart. I hope you can make it to the unicorn riding party later today! :D I keep tweaking the invite, and wonder if anyone but me notices the changes I make :D The center angel figure is slightly larger n this version, among other minor changes.


    much love
    Happy Valentine's Day, Kim! I made this one especially for you :o It took me at least half a day (meaning, a full 12 hours, though it was probably closer to 18 all told :D) It is funny how after I think I am done, I can always find something to improve a tad :eek: LOL! However, there comes a point where I have to say, that's it! I can see a place for improvement, but I am going to leave it as is :) I hope you like it :)

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