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  • How are things going? I notice a lack of thought-provoking threads lately :P
    Lol what is with the huge microwave oven robot as a profile picture? Is he getting ready to bake cookies or something? (yea i know its optimus) but this rendition looks like a pizza/baking oven lol....and yea my pc is bit weird after an update trying to get it back up.... :D
    Thanks for the rep!! I couldn't add anymore to yours.
    Oh, haha, thank you : 3 Yeah my computer gave up on me so I'm stuck using my phone for all things internet related, so its harder to use this site for me now.

    Thanks though. I appreciate it : p
    Kim, I am so glad you like it :) A few days ago I came across and downloaded a whole bunch of fairies, and wondered what type of Christian art I could include them in, because, well, faeries and Jesus just don't really seem to jive LOLOLOL. I wanted to make something special for you, for all you do for others, and to acknowledge the special place you hold in my own heart. I hope you can make it to the unicorn riding party later today! :D I keep tweaking the invite, and wonder if anyone but me notices the changes I make :D The center angel figure is slightly larger n this version, among other minor changes.


    much love
    Happy Valentine's Day, Kim! I made this one especially for you :o It took me at least half a day (meaning, a full 12 hours, though it was probably closer to 18 all told :D) It is funny how after I think I am done, I can always find something to improve a tad :eek: LOL! However, there comes a point where I have to say, that's it! I can see a place for improvement, but I am going to leave it as is :) I hope you like it :)

    Dearest, kindest, sweetest, most patient and loving Kim, Seoulsearch... thank you as always for your kindness to me. I have been wondering (and maybe you have, too! :eek:) if I am ever going to get around to answering your last missive to me. That was some time ago, and I do feel bad for not being more responsible in that regard. I have no excuse! Or rather, I prefer not to make any, as the truth is, I could come up with quite a few, but they would all be rather paltry :(

    I am spending hours and hours being engrossed in the making of graphic creations. I feel like a kid with a new toy, and just cannot leave it alone LOL :D I am glad you like them :) They are a joy for me to make :o

    Much LOVE to you, loveliest of Kims!

    your sister in Christ
    Kim, you’re a rock star in the forums- don’t worry about not having time to post on my threads, I’m just trying to share the load of starting threads ;) You can’t do all the work :D
    You're pretty awesome yourself. I thank God for you!
    Ooooh I didn't know Transformers is a classic. Well, he sounds impressive. But wait, he's a bad guy! Or maybe not. Last I heard Optimus Prime was THE bad guy. I haven't watched the latest movie yet. Oh and if you plan on watching something soon, Jumanji is freaking hilarious and Dunkirk (Netflix) is amazing.
    Thank you Kim <3 Who is that on your profile pic? Looks like a gundam.
    Hi Kim! I'm back from vacation so.. I feel good! dun dun dun. Haha. It's okay, we're busy people and make the best out of whenever we see each other. Tbh, I've been procrastinating a bit haha. My head is still on vacation mode but my work is starting to pile up. Life. Lol. I hope you're doing good and always kickin' ! Love you Kim! <3 Jesus bless you with a peaceful week full of joy!
    Hi lady! :D I don’t know if I’m back, or if this is just a drive-by, but I peek in here and there cuz I miss some of you. I hope you’ve been doing well!
    Oh, I've been absent, too! Wanting to get more involved, though.

    Yes! When are you free to Skype? Let me know <3 <3
    Oh hi there. I miss you. I love you. Let's Skype soon, k?!
    Awww I feel so loved! ^.^ And I am very glad to be back. Things have been pretty crazy. I've thought about coming back a lot, but never had both time and willpower to do it xD But hey, "New Year, new me!" How are you? Still keeping everyone in line, I see
    Happy new year Seoul! I love your threads and posts - from it I know you are a very deep, thoughtful and considerate woman. May God bless you immensely in this coming season! Thank you for your kindness, I appreciate it.
    whoa whoa whoa.....

    i came to leave a visitor message.... you didnt need to pull your guns out

    (haha nice profile pic :p)
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