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  • I'll probably be off for a looong time, I need an indefinite break from this place.
    Hello, I was just visiting a friends profile and noticed your username. Pretty cool profile! And the art on your profile is super cool as well. :)
    Thank you for the request :) I feel really blessed when I read some of your posts, may you continue to walk in God's perfect way. God bless you!
    Spokenpassage: Good advice, anyway :)
    Read the Word and pray. Spend devotional time with the Lord everyday, and it will strengthen your faith. :)
    Thank you for responding to my question. And yes I care about God, but so much doubt is going through my mind. Every time I ask questions, people only tell me to stop doubting, not to think about it. I've done that for years and now that something has forced me to think about all of this, I don't know what to do. I feel hopeless and alone. But maybe I am only being irrational, I don't know. :(
    If you lean on Christ and turn to Him for everything, you will find the peace and love that surpasses all understanding in Him. Don't give up, the Lord is not finished yet. :)
    Thank you. I'm seriously considering suicide. My wife and I are separated and I was evicted. I'm having trouble finding work too. It's getting harder for me.
    I went through a similar situation with a girl. I learned a lot from the experience that I had, almost like I was put into the situation so that I would be taught something(s). Maybe the same is for you, something to help you now or maybe even in the future? :)
    I guess there really isn't an answer to this......seeking an answer that I think with time will show itself. :/
    God has purposes for everything, most that we aren't completely aware about. Proverbs 16:9 says, the mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. Even if we expect someone to come into our lives to what we want, God's plan overrides ours.
    I trusted God that this was the man for me....I felt so strong about it and was at peace.....and now we split up and have beenwondering why I felt that
    See that what people keep saying to me.....though I didn't want to be with him in the first place. He came at a time in my life that I was content being alone.....God tore down walls.....used other people and even reminded me of a list I made years ago of what my future husband to be....I know God dosent lie but am wondering What's going on......Lol....
    I don't believe God would lie, it's not in His nature to. If it led to that point, I would then question 'was it really God, or my own desire wanting this because I am searching for something?'. That can happen.
    Was the one* sorry....lol
    So with the question I just asked.....if you think God knows the future.....what if God told you someone was the knew and you knew it was from God.....prayed and meditated on it.....and then y'all broke up......would you think God lied?
    Sure you can :) what's up?
    Can I ask you a question?
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