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    Is Obedience Necessary for Salvation?

    Yes, I believe so. But many people believe obedience = works.
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    Warning to Christians: Totally Refuse COVID Vaccines

    Why do you mean by this, about blood type being involved?
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    Warning to Christians: Totally Refuse COVID Vaccines

    There are other vaccines in the pipeline, Novavax and Sanofi/GSK, which do not use MRNA technology. Novavax reportedly has less side effects. Sanofi/GSK reportedly does not use fetal cells in testing or production.
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    Do you believe that God may also be using secular artists?

    Not aware of this particular singer. However, many secular singers may have had some familiarity with Christianity (growing up in the church, have a Christian relative, etc.) and this knowledge could influence or even inspire their music. Yes, I believe God could use secular people for His...
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    Warning to Christians: Totally Refuse COVID Vaccines

    To me this doesn't sound like a mandate, especially since there is an alternative to not take it but go through stringent protocols. Social distancing and masking restrictions are nothing new. International travel restrictions are to be expected, since other countries have quarantine/social...
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    Thoughts on the "evil eye"

    I hear the term sometimes. My cousin didn't want to post pictures of her baby because of the evil eye. Some people do flaunt, but others hide news of their blessings because of the evil eye, and are more secretive.
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    strategies for dealing with...the difficult mother

    My mom makes insensitive comments sometimes but I just ignore. I think if you know your own self worth, insensitive comments won't bother you as much. Abuse is something different, and should not be tolerated.
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    Thoughts on the "evil eye"

    What are your thoughts on the "evil eye"? What I mean is, people generally keeping their blessings private so others don't give them the "evil eye". The worry is that people giving the "evil eye" would cause some sort of misfortune. Belief in the "evil eye" may be cultural, where people guard...
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    I cant wait !

    I am waiting to find out if my work will offer the 100% remote/telework option post-pandemic. If that's the case, I don't need to live where I work. Pros and cons... I like office life and my coworkers. But, my employer is shifting big time to telework, so it won't be the same as...
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    King/Queen of the Castle

    I believe my dad uses more space in the house (indoors). He has his own room. My mom doesn't so she hangs out in my room. My dad also has a reading area in the living room. My mom has the yard and spends time there; my dad doesn't. My mom also spends time in the garage; she has a large cat...
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    Is it Biblically permissive to beat one's wife?

    Then she is not really scared. This is BDSM. If the woman has no fear, and even if she initiates this, she is still being abused even though she finds pleasure. I think this is similar to self harm/self abuse even though some mentally ill people may find pleasure in this.
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    Heàlthy Hydration...

    I use sugar-free electrolyte powder. No need to buy Gatorade.
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    Is it Biblically permissive to beat one's wife?

    Agree. I changed what I wrote at the end of the paragraph, should have deleted the earlier sentence.
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    Is it Biblically permissive to beat one's wife?

    With "Christian Domestic Discipline" the spanking is issued as a form of punishment (not sexual). The spanking is actually quite painful where the woman is brought to tears. But the woman has been programmed to believe it is "Stress Relief Spanking"; i.e. crying as a way to relieve stress...
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    Is it Biblically permissive to beat one's wife?

    If the wife is into spanking as a form of sexual activity, I think that falls under the category of sex not under corporate punishment. If the spanking is consensual, then I guess it is not abuse. If it is not consensual then it is abuse. There is a scene in Handmaid's Tale where Commander...