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  • Stand Firm Soldier... Stand Firm.
    They say respect is only given to those who give it. IF you do not respect yourself, what respect is there?
    COVID-19 bites
    True love is to be cherished, that kind of love comes from God. We are to live by His example. He loves everyone, no matter the outward differences.
    Being at Tyson i am now classified as a front line worker.
    Blah I am old, very old today (37).
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🎉🎊🎈🎂🎁
    Let’s celebrate! 😃😃😃🥳🥳🥳
    I stalked you! I fallowed you because you is cool to me lol. I tell this to everyone, if I fallow you, it is because I value your friendship. If I have not fallowed you yet? It is because we not met, or I have not done it yet. So want me to fallow you? Say FALLOW ME lol God Bless!
    Follaw me!
    Respect in love, respect in honesty, respect in honor, and for the win? Respect for each other in Christ Jesus our Lord.
    Respect is handled in the same line of self-worth. In this it is up to us to show respect, or not show respect. To show respect is to show your heart to everyone.
    To be a good friend is to be a good brother. Even an enemy can be made into a brother, even within a littke understanding. Keep in mind, love conqures everything. Expecially hate.
    To be who you are, is to be who God made you to be. His very own.
    To love as God loves, is to express the heart in which He gave you. This means, to be true to who you are no matter what. It does not matter who says what about you, the only thing that should matter to you is? What God says about you. He says you belong, even when you are alone. He says you are His even when the world hates you. He always, and will always say, this Cross is for you.
    Think of relationships like a circle. It is a two person ordeal. Never one sided for if the one sided relationship ever worked it be just one way, not both. You can not make a full circle if it is one sided because all you would have is the letter "C". You can not have a relationship with God if you do not allow that circle to complete. One sided relationships never, and can never work. It is a partnership.
    It is hard to demonstrate true love, however it is not too hard for God the one who made love in the first place. Look to His heart, then you will find what you have been searching for, for a life time.
    To have respect for God, is to have respect for others. (His Creation).
    It hard sometimes to follow in God's ways I try but don't always feel that great but I must except that is part of being human
    Be true to yourself,for everything works out for the best to those who love God.
    Well, I'm outta here for a while. Kids get outta school early today, so have to go get them, and weekend is here sooo...... I'm off line mostly during the weekends. I've been reading through your site........ looking forward to reading more. Yeah, now I see it all together, it makes more sense :) Take care. You're in my prayers!
    I changed the link check my profile for the updated link.
    Why push, why shove? To push someone a way is to push your very self away.

    To love, is to love in truth. To care, is to care with love.

    No matter the circumstances, we are to love, and not push away.
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