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    Anyone has problem with Facebook sign in and sign out?

    Ever since last night, I tried to sign in and sign out. Is there a glitch with Facebook. I can't seem to get in touch with Facebook HQ. Hacked? Maybe but when you sign in, I don't see anything and I wanted to get to my small business page, I went to click that down arrow on top task bar in...
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    Curious, anyone with a micro-nation of their own?

    The question in the title said it all. Anyone who is a micro-nationalist? I created my own not as fictional but actual and working toward to become a micro-state. There is a difference. Google them all up. Well, for mine. It is a Christian nation only strictly followed what God's Word say...
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    Hi everyone! New here!

    Hi everyone! Greeting in Jesus' Name! I am President Marco of TRSSS, which stands for Theocratic Republic State of the Sword and the Shield, a Christian micro-nation. Since I do not have my own land yet to be declared as a country, I resides in Syracuse, New York, United States of America...