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    What are you watching?

    This chat right now :)
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    A conversation about nothing in particular

    Have ya’ll been good while I was gone lol
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    Write A Random Story 👥

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    Speak Your Mind.

    I’m doing quite well. Finished high school last year, and am now working for my degree.
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    Highschool Years!!!

    I just finished high school, and am now working towards my biomedical degree. Honestly, my experience definitely wasn’t as terrible as others that I’ve heard of, but there are still some times when my mental well-being took quite a hit, but despite that, I made it through :)
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    Speak Your Mind.

    To those who still remember are ya’ll doing? :) I just came back here for a short while to see what’s up.
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    I wonder how many of my CC friends from way back then are still active here...
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    Tell me something interesting ....

    Sloths are capable of holding their breath for 40 minutes; four times longer than a dolphin can.
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    New friend

    Joe?! Is that really you?! I thought you have deleted your account here...
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    Ask the user below you a question

    I think the longest walk of mine was when I walked on the Great Wall of China back in 2017. Was quite shattered once it was all done, but it was worth it. Have you ever tried Taiwanese milk tea?
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    Say something Random

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    Say something Random

    Flying bacon turtle bicycles. ...Is that random enough?
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    The why did God thread

    Why...WHY do cockroaches even exist?! JDHDHJSHDUDJSII