Beautiful, inspiring people

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Senior Member
Nov 8, 2014
Hi all!

I want to dedicate this thread to beautiful people whose lives are an example of love in Christ.

I will start with a wonderful American woman, Kari Engen, who left the comfort of her American home to come to Guatemala dump and bring a light to people who live in the dump. She first came in Guatemala in '85 and ever since, Guatemala became her home. She built a school "Mi refugio" which is actually more than a school: it is a blessed place where people receive love and hope above all.

I am sure that you heard of her, but if you didn't, you need to hear about this amazing woman: a living saint.



I'm feeling lucky seriously.


Senior Member
Jul 15, 2014
My grandmother was born in 1873 to a farmer in Lancaster County, Pa. . She was called "River Brethren". Services were held in homes. They baptized by immersion, dipping forward three times.

When she was 25, the Lord called her to leave home and be a missionary. Eventually found herself in El Salvador, but barely knew the language. After learning John 3:16, she would stand in a public place and repeat it very loudly, attracting crowds. When they called back to her, she could not understand them so just kept repeating this verse over and over. As she learned more verses in their language, she kept repeating them over and over.

She was often stoned and chased. Sometimes she had to flee for her life. But gradually she learned to read the entire bible in Spanish. She married another missionary from England, and had my mother there. She worked with her husband and suffered much persecution, ignorance and dreadful earthquakes which destroyed her home.

They eventually came to California and her husband pastored a Baptist church.

I have that same zeal to teach the Word, but have to ask myself if I could stand on a corner and keep doing it while being stoned. She must have had the grace of God heavy upon her.


Senior Member
Apr 7, 2014
legacies can lay heavy burdens upon us - and create a zeal - but hoping and longing
for fruition can boggle the mind!