Dream of fishermen

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Senior Member
Aug 28, 2012
So last night I had a very short but kind of thought provoking dream and honestly I don't know if was a dream from God or just an ordinary dream . So in this dream I recall that there was a naming of twelve different people who represented twelve different kinds of people called for twelve different tasks kind of like I suppose how we are all called for a different kind calling in the kingdom of God. I don't know who was calling out the names or why I guess if i had to say it was like a voice of a person you couldn't see I don't remember any of the ones called except for this one man whose name when called meant fishermen.

I saw him standing in this huge thing of water which was strange because I knew how very deep it was because after all the deeper waters is where the fish reside yet strangely he was standing in it as if it was shallow enough to stand in. What amazed me though was how he would cast his line and every time he would catch a fish, the fish he caught were different in size but he was filling his bucket so full of fish and I asked him if I could buy a bucket or maybe get one from him so i could fish like him and he didn't really seem to be against it.

This is where the dream ended
Sep 4, 2018
If only it were so simple to understand our dreams brother. I’m on that same boat at times.