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Jun 14, 2016
Hey guys,

Has God ever spoken to you in a dream? Has He given you direction or shown something to you in a dream?

I've been having a lot of them lately, and some seem like nonsense, yet others seem to be pointing me in a certain direction or they seem to be showing me something that I need to work on.

What are your experiences with dreams?


Senior Member
Apr 19, 2011
Search dreams on the site. A number of other threads on this topic.


Senior Member
Jan 15, 2017
Has God ever spoken to me in a dream? Possibly. I don't remember a time when I felt like God was really directing me one way or another in a dream. One time I had a lost book and then I dreamed I found a book in a pocket on the back of the passenger's seat of the car. When I was next in the car, I reached in and I found the book! Was God showing me where the book was or did my subconscious supply the answer to a problem, remembering even what my conscious mind didn't? Either way could be true and I don't think one excludes the other. Another time I was petsitting my grandmother's cats and I woke up, still half-sleeping, much earlier than I needed to be up to feed them, and I 'saw' one of my grandmother's cats walking around at the foot of my bed. Since they weren't staying at my house, I knew he couldn't be there and I jerked awake, calling his name. The vision/dream/hallucination was so real I felt it had to be a message and that I had to go to my grandmother's house right away. But when I got there, her cats were fine. Now, it's possible that by me going over there at that moment something terrible was prevented. But it's equally possible and even maybe more likely that my half-asleep mind was playing tricks on me. I don't know.

However, in my experience, dreams aren't the best way to make decisions. God may use them at times or they may be completely random. Sometimes I've dreamt about giving into temptation and sinning. Other times, my dreams are just really strange. Once, I dreamed about God, but He was very unlike Himself in the dream. I don't remember exactly what He said or did, but I do remember Him advocating some type of sin. That definitely wasn't from Him unless He wanted me to gain the opposite message from what His dream version was telling me.

I'm not saying to discount dreams entirely. God can work through any medium. However, some dreams are just dreams. Others may be from God. Others may be your sinful self trying to lead you astray. If you feel that a dream is God leading you in a certain direction, make sure to compare what the direction is against what the Bible says is right and pray about the situation. If you feel the dream is leading you to do something the Bible says is wrong, the dream's not a message from God. And not all dreams have meanings.
Feb 5, 2017
In my study and self-observation of dreams, I've learnt that one thing you have to pay attention to is what is not obvious about it or quick to be your focus. For example. Say once upon a time you went to a restaurant with your family, and in your dream you were in that restaurant with your family. However the difference in the dream is that someone wasn't present, or an extra person was present. Often when reading dreams you have to look at them in abstract contrast.

For example, someone might have a recurring dream, either a good dream (lots of light) or a nightmare (like a noire movie). If it was a nightmare, then the person feels a recurring fear from it based on the immediate memory, and yet because the emotions have taken over, they are missing what might be helpful in the dream. And therefore it recurs. All dreams have meaning, whether it is simply a dream made up of memories (physical/still in the mind), or in a place you haven't been before (out of body/out of mind).

So don't just remember what was at the front of a dream, remember what was at the back of a dream.

A recurring dream or dream-type (as in feels like its the same place you are experiencing), often are about something you need to let go of, or something that you need to take notice of. Remember, that while you live in this world, your brain is noticing millions of things that while conscious you don't see or observe.

I've had some very interesting dreams in my time, premonitions, lucid. Sometimes you have to read the words of the bible from an abstract opposition perspective, because then it is not being processed by the flesh and distorted by taking things literally as in 'what is in front'. I haven't managed to decipher Revelations yet though hehe! But these things do interest me. "Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear." This is a very abstract concept. It does not say, let those who have eyes, read, or whoever is not deaf, let him hear, right? Some wording is taken for granted, and yet has a faaar deeper meaning.


Junior Member
Oct 13, 2012
The Orthodox teach that most dreams are not from God... heard that you could be in spiritual deception.. honestly.. i really think if you had a dream from God, it would not be subtle.. take for instance the bible.. very clear dreams laid out from the Lord.. Abimelech was fast to give Abe's wife back to him, and even give him riches and land (i think that's the story in genesis).. When i saw a vision that led me to Christ, ever cloud in the sky turned into a fish and a dove.. was very peaceful, and white.. no cloudiness, and knew it was from God.. just like something out of the bible.. I have had MANY MANY spiritual experiences happen, and honstly can't tell you, and don't really think they were from God. maybe only a few, but i don' tremember them really because of some reason. I will never forget the vision i saw in the sky... ... So, I don't know man.. I know one thing though.. You will want to ask a spiritual authority, not a lay person.. every seems to think they know something, when all of the answers just make you even more confused and crazy minded.. If God wants you to give back Abraham's wife, you will know it, and you will do it i would imagine lol.. sorry co0uldn't be more help than that..