Follow God's Example As Dearly Loved Children ( Eph.5 )

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2016
Walk In The Way Of Love
He Gave Himself Up For Us
As A Fragrant Offering To God,

We are being taught to give up everything that we are
in the flesh and turn to the Lord instead. A fragrant
offering to Him, implies to me that we don't only give
Him our worst but our best as well. Or in other words
we surrender all to Him. It is all an inspiration of God
to be calling us back to Him, especially those who are
wandering off course and are lingering around it the
flesh. God is calling everyone back to Him and in Him
all will become good. That process does not happen
overnight though, it is journey of our continued offering
of ourselves to Him. He is saying, return to Me and I
will show you the way. He wants us to trust Him as He
forgives our sin and puts us on back on the journey. It
is up to us to accept Him though and not continue to
sin but rather to keep ourselves on an improving journey