I Will Sing Of The Lord's Great Love Forever ( Psalm:89 )

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2016
His Love For Us Is Everlasting,

It is great to awaken in the morning with God almighty
open to our hearts. To know and to believe that His is
unconditional love. It was a long time ago that Psalms
was written but it is evident that many of them really had
His love within them. Sometimes it is hard to believe but
the words were written and still exist. From all that was
happening in those times and without the benefit of Jesus
some still had great praise for Him. In fact, basically all
of the Old Testament was heralding the coming of Jesus
as the last and final covenant. All that was written came
to one single point and that was Jesus. All that we see
and hear in Him is all that was written before. All of our
scripture from beginning to end reveals the love that God
has for us.