Let Us Not Become Weary In Doing Good. ( Gal.6 )

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2016
We Will Reap A Harvest If We Don't Give Up,

The scripture asks us to be good to all people, especially
the believers. If we don't do good, it doesn't separate us
from the evil doers. So it is relevant that we are not only
Christians in our hearts but Christians to the world. That
is how the Christian world began with the early believers
not giving in to persecution of the world in that day. If not
for their sacrifices it is doubtful we would have Christians
today except maybe for a meager few. A good example
is the apostle Andrew. He was on the cross and hung to
die and then the people implored the authorities to cut
him down. Eventually the authorities came to cut him down
but he refused, he committed himself to sacrifice for Christ.
In the end he was cut down but he was already deceased.
There was a time when the emperor Domitian decreed that
the Christians must call him God rather than the God that
Christians believed in. The vast majority would not submit
and were put to death. These days that type of persecution
does not exist but the question is; will we sacrifice anything
for Christ. Can we muster the courage to be apart from
the world.