Looking for a tight knit of young adults to have bible study with

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Jan 10, 2018
There are very few people around my age (18 - 25) who are passionate about developing a close relationship with God. I wonder if its possible to form a small but close group of young people where we can discuss the things that plague people of our generation especially in our walk with God. It's not always easy for us young people, especially being surrounded by so many things of the world in our schools or our communities in general. I want to have people to talk to about this thing and figure out the right and Godly way to face our obstacles and challenges. I was to be able to build a lifelong friendship from this too.
I live in New Jersey, USA and it would be cool to be surrounded by more Spirit-filled people.
Idk if I can get that from here. Maybe. we'll see.
PM me if interested. Idk if this would be better in a chat room, but I'm new here so I'm not quite sure how that works.


Senior Member
Dec 13, 2015
Philly, PA, USA
A. There are just about as many 18-25 year olds passionate about the Lord as there are 58-65 year olds passionate about the Lord.

B. You probably want to post this on the Young Adult forum, instead of here. (Yeah, got one of those forums too. lol)

C. You might want to consider checking out the group section, if you find some. Groups are a good way of gathering like-minded people.

D. Jerzey or Joisey? (aka North Jersey or South Jersey? I'm originally from Gloucester County, but lived in a few other counties in my Jersey years. Across the river now.)

E. Welcome to CC!